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The Contemporary Chinese Marxism Popularization of Marx

Author WeiMiaoHua
Tutor YangLing
School Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords The popularity of Marxism in contemporary China Popularize Dailylife theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The vitality of Marxist theory lies in its popularity. Not based on that, Marxismtheory can not be existence and developing. Studying the popularity of Marxism inContemporary China has great theoretical and practical significance. Theoretically, itcan not only enrich a develop Marxism, but also deepen the research in other relatedfields. And practically, it is a fundamental requirement that will ensure our economicprosperity, political democracy and social stability.Based on the characteristics of globalization, information networking and massmedia and previous studies,this paper is trying to generally analyze the mainproblems exist in the popularity of Marxism in contemporary China from twoaspects-daily life theory and communication theory. And it is trying to explore thecurrent conditions to popularize Marxism in contemporary China to build an effectiveway to popularize Marxism in contemporary China.By using methods of studying into documentary research, practice-analysis andhistory analysis,this paper probes into the study through inspection and analysis ofrelevant literature. The first part of the essay on the meaning of the contemporarychina’s “popularity”, the paper interprets the connotation of the contemporary china’sMarxism; In the strengthen of the socialist ideology and the promotion of socialismwith Chinese characteristics, the paper explains the value of the contemporary china’sMarxism. The second part will mainly state the main theory of daily life and thecauses that change daily life and other areas in life. And it will analyze the currentsituation from the achievements and main problems of the popularity of Marxism incontemporary China. The third part try to study the reality condition of the popularityof Marxism in contemporary China by returning to the daily life practice, with the aidof traditional culture and revolutionary history, enhancing the Marx doctrine on thesocial phenomena and solving the actual problems of daily life. The fourth part willdiscuss the propagation path by combining the daily life theory and communicationtheory, cultivating the diffusers of Marxism,improving the efficiency ofcommunication and prioritizing the mode of transmission. Excellent worker inMarxism’s popularity is the firm believer,the advocates and the educators with asolid theoretical foundation.The main innovation of this article is to divide theaudience into the audience in daily life and non-daily life to discuss the different waysto spread Marxism so as to improve the efficiency of spreading the popularity of Marxism in contemporary China. The special characteristics in life field requires thatthe spread of Marxism in contemporary china should be sustained, warmly andsilently.the rational and conscious characteristics in non-life requires thatcontemporary Chinese Marxist’s popularity should focus on instilling and guiding.

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