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The Research of Harmony Spirit Personality During the Social Transformation Period

Author XuZuoZuo
Tutor WuXiaoGang
School Nanjing University of Information Engineering
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords social transformation harmony culture harmony spirit personality
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The spiritual and cultural fields in the period of our country social transition is experiencing a profound transformation, which is a great test for every individual. How to adapt the new social culture after the transformation as soon as possible is a significant mission for every individual,which need carry forward the excellent traditional personality, establish the new world view and new value combining foreign ideas,then achieve the personality reconstruction. However, our country’s academic research and practice exploration on the model of ideal personality is still in a fledging stage, lack of a systematic and comprehensive personality thought structure system. Based on the situation, the paper focuses on researching the personality in the period of social transformation, exploring the personality character with national, establishing the ideal personality mode—harmony spiritual personality.The whole content can be classified into three parts:First, the state of our country’s personality development in the period of social transformation. In the period, our country’s personality development is in the relative confusion state that lack of dominant sprit. It results from many historical and realistic factors in Chinese personality culture, mainly including:Chinese ancient traditional small-scale peasant economy and highly centralized autocracy, resulting in modernist lack of independence and sense of equality as well as human feelings against legal institutions; after the foundation of our country, due to planned economy and ultra-leftist ideologies, it causes individual dependent personality, obedience personality,individualism personality and so on;some negative effects of socialist market economy form personal money worship, sensualism and lack of healthy ecology; the shock of foreign culture makes some people confusion of old and new values,lost faith and the personality character of mechanical convergence. For this confusion state, it’s very important for the form and construct of ideal personality mode—harmony spiritual personality in the period of social transformation.Second,the specific connotation of the harmony spirit personality in the period of social transformation. Although the new concept of harmony spiritual personality is raised for the first time, it has abundant source of theory. The harmony spiritual personality has significant source of theory, which contains:the different personality theories in Chinese ancient,the personality theories about harmony culture or the personality theories of the contemporary main leaders in our country.The ideological connotation of "harmony but not uniformity","Everything being derived from the state of harmony","harmony producing all things" in the harmony national culture spirit and the fundamental function of the harmony culture’s main theory.they rich the connotation of harmony spiritual personality.Regard the harmony spirit personality as the universal meaning and viable ideal personality in the modern society, neither a kind of machine-parsable personality nor personality characteristic of some school.With the construction of harmony spiritual personality in the period of social transformation, the paper from the view of personality construction effects, internalizes the personality into the construction of modern personality. Then it discusses the personality’s specific connotation of self-awareness, human communication, man and nature, that is independence sense, rational sense,creation sense, public sense, responsibility sense, equality sense, tolerance sense,"unity of heaven and man"justice sense and selfless sense. These connotations constitute the harmony spiritual personality that contains Chinese characteristics and accepts foreign culture.Third,the necessity of structuring the harmony spirit personality in the period of social transformation. In the period old and new culture, Chinese and foreign culture is conflicting and mixing continually leading to old and new values confusion, lost faith, weaken human relationship for excessive pursuit of economic development. For this reason, it has important practical significance that dissolves these contradictions and crisis by structuring the harmony spiritual personality in the period of social transformation. In the period the structuring of harmony spiritual personality must combine with the entirety social construction and cultural construction,and it includes:combine the structuring of harmony spiritual personality with resolving the three great crisis in the period of social transformation; combine it with the new market economy environment; combine it with the structuring of harmonious society; combine it with developing and expanding the national spirit.

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