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Risk warning and Countermeasures in the process of democratization in contemporary Chinese

Author LiChunYan
Tutor ZhengShuCun
School Qufu Normal University
Course Political Theory
Keywords Developing country Democracy Democratization Democratization risks
CLC D621
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The pursuit of democracy, achieving political democracy is a goal pursued by all countries inthe world, is historical trend of progress. Both developed countries and developing countriesaspire to achieve democracy, democracy becomes common political goal and value of all thepeople in the world.The "third wave" of the democratization in the1970s, made many developing countries shiftfrom non-democratic regimes to democracy. This wave of democratization spread more widely,and more effective. Accompany with the arrival of the wave of democratization was coming ofrisk of the community, many developing countries ignored their history and reality, pursuiteddemocratization blindly. In the democratic society,under conditions of hysteresis of economicdevelopment and the low degree of the cultural conditions of the rules and laws,took theaggressive democratic strategy, blindly transplanted "Western-style democracy", lead to politicalinstability and social conflict, did not produce the expected economic growth, but thedeterioration of economic, political and administrative inefficiency, ethnic separatism and otherrisk factors.China learns the experiences and lessons positively in the process of democratization ofdeveloping countries’ risk, analyzing the potential factors to induce the risk of democratization,and analize the possibility of risks, makes advance warning to avoid the happenance of them.Accoding to its national conditions of China, starting from the development road of political,economic and the cultural conditions, the social structure, the international environment in allaspects of formulate correct policies and methods, positive and secure makes the progress in thedemocratization process. Specific to the reality of our country, including of setting up correctconcept of democratic development, fllows the road to democracy with Chinese characteristics,expands economy energetically, solves the polarization of the rich and the poor, consummatesthe modern democratic system, improves the quality of citizens, democracy and the rule of lawculture construction, constructs the olives of society, to create a harmonious ethnic relationshipsof democratic conditions, creates a stable internal and external social environment by usingvariety of measures for democracy. The adoption of various measures by China helps to preventand response the risk of the process of democratization, is helpful to make the risk in the processof democratization to a minimum, walks out a democracy road with low cost and high efficiency,to realize the benign development of China democratization.

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