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Author JingWanZuo
Tutor XiongLiangZhi
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords shan hai jing primitive religion flora and fauna worships totemism magic beliefs
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The shan hai jing including geography, products, religion, rituals, mythology, etc. Because of that, there were different ways of classifying the book in different periods. In recent years, scholars found through researches that the book preserved numerous magic worships and religious beliefs of the ancestors.Different from Buddhism and Taoism which are popular through China, from the writing time of The Classic of Mountains and Rivers, it is clear that the book reflects the primitive religious beliefs in the ancient Chinese society thousands of years ago. The primitive religions that the paper discusses include the flora and fauna worships, totemism and magic worships. The paper is divided into three parts due to three kinds of primitive religions: firstly, the flora and fauna of medical values in The Classic of Mountains are listed, and the primitive magic ideas reflected by eating, drinking and wearing those flora and fauna are analyzed; the animals are divided into signs of portent and of pursuing good fortune and avoiding conflicts, and through that the sign worships of the ancestors are discussed; secondly, by analyzing the animal images in the mythologies and legends, the animal worships in The Classic of Mountains and Rivers are discussed; finally, the gods and fairies in the book are categorized and discussed, and the social changes reflected from the primitive magic rituals, totemism and the changes of the gods and fairies’images preserved in the book are analyzed.in the end , by analyzing those primitive beliefs, we could get a better understanding of the book, the ancestors’ ideas and the social environment back then.

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