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The View of Political System Reform in Socialist Democratic Politics

Author SunSi
Tutor YuanZhengMing
School Wuhan Institute of Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords democracy socialism political system
CLC D621
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Without democracy there can be no socialism, development socialistdemocracy is our unswerving goal.Since the reform and opening, our partysuccessfully opening and insist on the socialism political development roadwith Chinese characteristics.Since the Sixteenth National Congress of theCommunist Party of China,steadily promoting socialist democratic politicsconstruction in our country, have made great progress.This thesis is divided into six parts, the first part is foreword,includingthe background of research,the meaning of research,the current situation ofthe research,and purposing the point of innovation. Part two is the backgroundof research,explains the connotation and importance of socialist democraticpolitics.First of all, from the socialist nature and on the objective requirementof economic development for the necessity of developing socialist democraticpolitics is analyzed.Secondly, to develop socialist democratic politics ofreality are analyzed, and concluded the development of socialist democracy isa long-term system engineering".Part three is theory research,According tothe theory of Deng XiaoPing political style reform and democratic politicaltheory as the main theoretical basis, Combining with relevant foreignexperience of political system reform,As well as the social, economicconditions in our country,concluding that the reform of political system isthe key to develop socialist democratic politics.The third part, review the history of China’s political system,analysis the present situation andcharacteristics,determines the basic principle of adhering to and improving thesocialist democratic politics and the reality of the political system reform.Partfour,analysis and research the political system reform possible breakthroughpoint,Including reform of administrative system,the judicial system andauditing system,three system reform can help build efficient, clean and servethe people in our country political system.The fifth part, the prospects forChina’s socialist democratic politics, stick to the leadership of our party,Thefour cardinal principles,The three "help",Political system reform of"moderation" step by step,Must be able to form the system of socialistdemocracy with Chinese characteristics.Socialist democratic politics as part of the theoretical system of socialismwith Chinese characteristics,Has made some achievements,through thepractice has proved is the right way,Under the leadership of our party,enhance the cohesion of the party and the Chinese people,confidence the roadof socialism with Chinese characteristics and the theory system,overcome thedifficulties,Building a better "beautiful China".

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