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Cuba’s Political System Reform and Its Enlightenment to Our Country

Author ChengFengHua
Tutor ZuoXiaoMin
School Zhengzhou University
Course The scientific community and the international communist movement
Keywords Cuba Political system reform Civic participation Supervision mechani
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Cuba and the world’s leading capitalist powers-the United States are neighbours. However, by constantly adjust and improve itself, stick to the socialist system for half a century, and the wins over all kinds of unimaginable difficulties, Cuba has made socialist coruscates more exuberant vitality, it is a miracle in the history of the world after world war ii, and this as well as has made great contribution to the development of the contemporary international communist movement。 Cuba’s remarkable achievements in the field of political system reform was identified as Cuba’s socialist one important source of vitality in Cuba’s political system reform, the most prominent feature is the citizen participate in politics and maximum power supervision mechanism construction, to the reform of political system of China is has a strong practical significance.Besides the introduction, at first this article introduces the background of Cuba’s political system reform and the development process. Due to destruction of Europe and the United States hostile policy, especially the long-term economic blockade, along with Cuba’s leadership has made some "idealism error", Cuba’s economy, has been paralyzed and made people’s life into a very difficult position, thus Cuba had to take people as the main body of the democratic political reform. Cuba’s political system reform has experienced initial roughly, comprehensive development, deepen three stages, go deep into the reform in the field of politics, economy, various, Now the Cuba’s social and political keep stabilitySecondly, the article discusses the measures and achievement of Cuba’s political system reform and its limitations,through the reform of the party’s style of leadership and governance, reforming and improving the power to the National People’s Congress system, expanding people’s democracy and autonomy, improving work efficiency measures and so on, Cuba’s democratic form and system are gradually improving, the party’s ruling ability and level are greatly increased, the Cuban people’s participating in political enthusiasm, fully mobilize every citizen to join this organization, and that the party and the state’s important literature (including important legal) is formulated after the discussion, this is a feature of Cuban politics. Because of such a mechanism of democratic politics, the vast majority of the Cuban people are holding optimistic attitude in politics. But Cuba’s political system also has certain limitations, reform of guiding ideology is too conservative, and reform did not break through the inherent stability of systems and mechanisms, too much emphasis on political system reform, the process of reform is slowly, etc.Finally, mainly combining with the experiences and lessons from the Cuba’s political system reform, the article went on to elaborate the political system for China’s ongoing reform of the enlightenment, thus we achieve such results that the political system of our country reforms go towards the more correct direction.

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