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Ideological and Political Education to Accept the Psychological Analysis

Author LiYangYang
Tutor XuRuoLan
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Ideological and political education Acception Psychological acception
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The fundamental purpose of ideological and political education is to improve thesubjects’ consciousness, pass the norms of political, ideological and ethics to thesubject, and make the norms transform into their own ideology and the correspondingbehavior. With the trend of globalization to further enhance, exchanges and cooperationbetween countries has become increasingly close,China’s reform and opening up hasalso made considerable development, and social political, economic, scientific, culturaland other fields have taken place in the extensive and profound changes. These changesin one hand has brought new development opportunities to China’s ideological andpolitical education work, on the other hand, its more serious challenges. Faced with thischallenge, China’s ideological and political work is only carried out some of the newreform and development, to adapt to changes in the new environment. For the researchof the psychological reception of the ideological and political education is beneficial tocombine the advantage of the Ideological and Political Education and Psychology, fromtwo subjects with a combination of perspective to analyze the phenomenon of thevarious psychological activity and psychological of the subject in the process of theIdeological and political education, which is beneficial to provide a wider field for theideological and political education theoretical research to provide a wider field, so thatthe ideological and political education research to the deeper and wider development.,make the development ofideological and political education to a deeper and broaderlevel.This paper uses documentary research, multi-disciplinary integration method,systematic approach, from the point of view of a combination of ideological andpolitical education and psychology, in-depth, comprehensive discusses the ideologicaland political education to accept the psychological characteristics and the type, andanalyze its development status, and further from the subject,the subject of education,educational content and methods, educational environment the four aspects analysisdeeply the measures to improve the acception of the ideological and political education.The thesis is divided into four parts:Te first part discusses the thesis topic selection basis, research status, significance,research ideas and methods, papers innovation to lay the foundation for later chapters.The second part is to define the relevant concepts of the psychological acception ofthe ideological and political education. Discusses the characteristics of the psychological acception of the ideological and political education, and classified aspersistent psychological, identity psychological, herd mentality,"indifferent"psychology and reverse psychology. And analysis deeply the cognitive processes,emotional processes and the will processes which constitute the psychologicalacception of the ideological and political education.The third part is to analysis the status quo of the psychological acception of theideological and political education, including the opportunity for development and theexisting obstacles of the psychological acception of the ideological and politicaleducation.Part IV discusses the optimization measures of the psychological acception of theideological and political education, through developing the quality of the subject,enhancing the level of the subject, creating a favorable environment and theimprovement of education content and method to improve the psychological acceptionof the ideological and political education.

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