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Study for Northern Wilderness Spirit Heritage of Heilongjiang Reclamation Area Agricultural Modernization

Author HuBing
Tutor ZhangChuanHui
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Heilongjiang reclamation area agricultural modernization Northern Wilderness-spirit inheritance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Heilongjiang reclamation area is the typical representative of socialist agriculture in china. Over the years, Heilongjiang reclamation area agricultural modernization level has been at the leading ranks, and has now become an important commodity grain base of the country, workers and peasants, agriculture and forestry business studies is combined stockmen fisheries comprehensive management, two coordinated development of civilization in social and economic area, from the implementation of the "the Great Northern Wilderness" to "historic Beidacang". Compared with most of the national reclamation area, Heilongjiang reclamation area agriculture as the foundation of good, the realization of agricultural modernization has the advantages of more. However, Heilongjiang reclamation area in the realization of agricultural modernization process, there are many factors restricting the development of. How to exert the advantage, overcome obstacles will be the key to the realization of agricultural modernization in Heilongjiang reclamation area.The great practice of Heilongjiang reclamation area development and construction has formed the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness, the great practice of reforming and opening and the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness given the connotation of a new era. The main role of the Great Northern Wilderness spirit for the guidance function, standard function, incentive function, cohesive function, radiation function. It is a modern spirit of practice in essence, a foothold in Heilongjiang Province modern farming cultivate career spirit of the times, a practice in promoting the development of entrepreneurship, promote the progress of the times.This paper through to the Great Northern Wilderness spirit and connotation of agricultural modernization research, expounds the necessity and feasibility of inheritance of the Great Northern Wilderness spirit in the process of Heilongjiang reclamation area in agricultural modernization, to vigorously implement the publicity and education, to carry out a wide range of cultural activities, and actively cultivate advanced and typical, develop emotional incentive space, enhance cultural awareness and a series of effective measures, continue to carry forward and development of the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness, the positive development of agriculture in Heilongjiang reclamation area is effectively improved, the great target to promote the Heilongjiang province reclamation area to realize agricultural modernization development as soon as possible.

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