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Issues on Professional Ethics of the Field of Food Safety

Author GaoXu
Tutor LuJianHua
School Yan'an University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords food safety ethics laws and regulations construction
CLC D648.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Food is the most basic material for human survival and development.Foodsafety or not directly related to the people’s health and life safety, related to the healthydevelopment of the economy and social harmony and stability, related to the image of thegovernment and the country’s reputation. In recent years, incidents of food safety oftenoccurred in the world, and issues on food safety have become one of the focus issues tothe people of the world. Although China has paid a lot of effort, the diehard of the fieldof food safety, food security problem has not been effectively resolved. For China’s foodsafety problems, a lot of research has been researched, which related to food safety laws,regulation system, standard system, certification and accreditation system, regulatoryinspection system. These systems play a very important role in keeping food safetyproblems within limits, but the impact of the regulatory system is not tight, morevulnerability, adequate legal system, the punishment of the law is not enough, and lawenforcement difficulties and other factors, so only rely on government departments,regulatory and the power of law to ensure food safety is simply limit. In this case, theroles of ethics are needed. Therefore, to solve food safety problems,laws are needed,moral is much needed. in most cases, the issue of food safety is to rely on the moral andlegal jointly constrained. Currently, there are a lot of discusses about food safety, butcovering little of the study of ethical issues. Under such a background,strengthen ethicalissues research in the area of food safety has much more real meaning.This paper consists three parts to research the issue. The first part is about thestatus of China’s food safety and its impact. Analyze the main problems in the field offood safety and the negative impacts. The second part is the root cause analysis of food safety issues, mainly including the lack of social and economical reasons, the lack oflegal system factors and the lack of ethics. The third part is the ways and means tostrengthen the building of professional ethics in the field of food production andcirculation. Mainly including the strengthening of food producter’s and operater’sprofessional ethics, including the strengthening of food safety regulator’s professionalethics.strengthen the food safety system of moral standards and the rule of law system

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