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Study on the Group Events of Land Expropriation

Author ZuoJianXiu
Tutor ZhangZuoMei
School Hebei Normal
Course Marxism in China
Keywords Land Expropriation Mass Disturbance Local Government LandlessFarmers Benefit Guarantee
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The process of industrialization, the expanding urbanization in China show rapid growth demand for land at present. However, there are defects in China current policy, that leads to the landless farmers’ benefit suffer seriously damaged during the land ownership in the transfer process, and the legal claims can’t be responded and resolved effectively, resulting in antagonism. In order to give vent to discontent, put pressure to the government and promote the event to get quick and effective solution, the landless farmers easily take the extreme behavior, come into antagonistic conflict with the local government, and finally form the land acquisition type mass disturbance. Therefore, face various problems in landless process in our country, summarize and analysis the characteristics of the land acquisition type of group events, explore the reasons for the outbreak of the land acquisition type mass disturbance, probe into the reason of the land acquisition mass disturbance, seek the settlement mechanism of the land acquisition mass disturbance and protect the benefit of the landless farmers, all of these have an extremely important theoretical and practical significance to our country land system reform and building a new socialist countryside’s sustained and effective development.Mainly definite the concept of the land acquisition type mass disturbance, it is during the process of industrialization and urbanization, when farmers’collective-owned land are been required by country, aiming at land acquisition work discontents and personal benefit seriously damaged, the benefit claim been hindered in system then results the collective joint appeal to the higher authorities for help, head-on conflict with land acquisition working team or land developer, contain local government, Party and government organizations etc. behavior. The basic nature of it is people’s internal contradiction that divided into three types, local government between department in charge, farmers between basic village organization, and farmers between land developer.mass conflict behavior.Present situation contains two parts of the achievement and problems. The main achievements are:government reform and improve the land acquisition system and related laws; agrarian accountability, increase the punishment of the person who is responsible for the illegal land acquisition event; the media and society increase concern of the illegal land acquisition event and landless peasants living conditions. The problem mainly are:the farmers’ legitimate rights and benefit suffer seriously damages; land illegal acquisition lead to a lot of land abandoned, farmers have no land to plow; violent land acquisition torn the relationship between cadres and masses; central policy and related penalties can not be implemented. Based on the analysis of our country’s land acquisition mass incidents, I think for a long period of time, land acquisition and mass incidents will incur with the industrialization process’ speed up of the northeast, central and western and become the problem which each local government must pay attention to.According to the problem in the second part, this part will make a deep investigation of the cause, I’ll attributed the cause to two main aspects, that contains objective factors of system aspect and subjective factors of the participants.System aspect cause mainly contains:first, there are defects in the land acquisition system, stipulating collective land’s property rights must be transferred under country acquisition, at the same time, can’t define clearly about the "public interest" which is the premise of the land acquisition, and easily induce corruption. Second, the main part of collective property right is vacant. State law doesn’t make a clear and detailed stipulation of the ownership of the collective land property rights, and often exercise the right by village and town’s collective economic organization, resulting in land acquisition compensation been deducted, and damage farmers benefit seriously. Third, farmers benefit claims expression channel is blocked, and legitimate protest mechanism is so little. Fourth, land acquisition compensation standard is low, and placement and landless guarantee method is single.Subjective factors of the participants contains:First, the interest incentive make the role wrong between local government and cadre, in order to pursue self-benefits and local government final economic development, corruption and bribery, black-box operation, at the expense of of the majority landless peasants’ interests, and cause the mass fanners’discontent to the dishonor government. Second, the farmers’ cultural level and organizational level is relatively low, it is difficult for them through the legal channels to pursue their legitimatc rights and interests with the high cost of inputs, only through the simple and rude confrontational approach to express their interest claims.Solution of the land acquisition type mass disturbance. Put forward the following measures for the causes:First, improve the land acquisition system, let the collective land directly into the market, participate in the market economy independently. Second, make property right confirmation registration for the collective land property rights, make clear collective land ownership belongs to farmers collective, farmers group exercise collective land ownership. Third, effectively expand the land acquisition system of public hearings, listen extensively to the views and demands of the landless farmers and the community, make adjustment for the reasonable portion and accept it. Fourth, improve the standard of land acquisition compensation, make the land acquisition process, compensation limit, and safeguard measures in public, arrange and organize the landless farmers to re-employment in multi-channel, and bring the farmers into the urban medical insurance system, accept social supervision, and guarantee the implementation of the measures.In brief, as the people’s internal contradiction, it is resolved under the scientific development concept as a guide, the key points are to improve the level of compensation, improve the landless farmers social security system, protect the farmers’ legitimate interests and solve the landless farmers’ worried about in life at the same time of reform the land acquisition program, improve the legal system, transform the government function.

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