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The Study on Building Service-oriented Government under the Scope of Good Governance Theory

Author DingYing
Tutor QinLing
School Liaoning University
Course Administration
Keywords Good governance Citizen participation Consciousness of responsibility Make government affairs public
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the1980s, China has entered into a period of development of the economy at fullspeed, China’s political, culture and people’s ideology has undergone enormous changewith the economic development. The progress of social transformation has beenexacerbated by China’s WTO accession, the traditional government-run mode was nolonger suitable for the needs of social development, meanwhile to meet the increasinglystrong desire for good social services. The concept of service-oriented governmentspecified in the direction of government reform for Chinese government transition periodin the early20th century, Panjin city, as a small city in developing, captured the core ofbuilding a service-oriented government, but it exists many problems because of terms ofnegative factors in the service-oriented government building process. On the other hand,the emergence of good governance provide a new perspective for the research of theconstruction of the service-oriented government. As there are something in common inessence between the perception of citizen-oriented of service-oriented government andthe essence of government to people of good governance theory, at the same time the sixcharacteristics of good governance (legitimacy, transparency, accountability, rule of law,responsiveness, effectiveness) also provides a practical framework to the construction ofservice-oriented government which makes citizens to understand whether theirgovernment is an effective government more directly. This paper aims to find out theproblems in the process of building service-oriented in Panjin city from the perspectiveof good governance, as well as to seek the solutions of the problems by using thecharacteristics of good governance.This paper is broadly divided into three parts, the first part, first of all, isintroduction of the concept of citizen right, service-oriented government and governance;then the description of the origin, main content and main characteristics of goodgovernance theory; at the last of this part is analyze the guiding significance on theimplementation of making government affairs public, citizen participation andenhancement of government’s response for the construction of service-orientedgovernment of good governance theory. The second part,firstly, analyze the conditions of financial disclosure, in response tocitizens and government’s responsibility and work efficiency; secondly, the analysis ofproblems like administration arbitrary, limited the scope of citizen participation, makegovernment affairs covered and weak sense of government responsibility; at last, wediscuss the causes why the problems exist in the process of the construction ofservice-oriented government in Panjin city, such as the consciousness of service isimperfect, the quality of civil servants are not high, inadequate laws and regulations andcitizen supervise system is not very perfect.The third part is give some solutions to solve the problem which are appear in thefront part of the paper under the scope of good governance, such as enhance theeducation of civil servant in the consciousness of responsibility, service and legal;establish and improve the cooperation and interaction between citizens and governmentby promoting openness in government affairs and encouraging citizens participate in theprogress of making and performing policy. Cultivate and improve social organization,making it a bridge and link of communication between government and citizens; improvethe supervision system by establishing citizen supervise agencies and punishing civilservants according the supervised results.

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