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In the wei jin nan bei dynasties dunhuang history research

Author JiangBo
Tutor LiuJinBao
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Historical Philology
Keywords Dunhuang the Wei-Jin-Northern-and-Southern-Dynasties administrative establishment Buddhism spreading governors of Dunhuang
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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How to do the further research on Dunhuang is fairly important for studying the history of Northwestern China, and even entire China in the Middle Ages. As we’ve known, Dunhuang served as the crossroads of trade as well as religious, cultural and intellectual influences during the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern dynasties (220A.D.——589A.D.).So this period played an enormous role in the development of Dunhuang’s strategic position.Based on this viewpoint, the paper involves three parts that help to understand the historical status of Dunhuang. In the first part, the key is the evolution of administrative establishments at Dunhuang. Since the founding of Dunhuang Prefecture in the Emperor Wudi of the Han, Dunhuang as an important center of the Silk Road, it has experienced the reign of about ten dynasties or local powers in succession. Changes of its establishment are paid heavy attention. In the second part, it highlights the spreading and developing of Buddhism in Dunhuang, and indicates that Dunhuang has been transformed into a prosperous Buddhism town under the joint efforts of monks, merchants, civil servants and lots of civilians. Meanwhile, it draws a clear outline of Dunhuang Buddhism. When it comes to the third part, it supplies us with basic information of Dunhuang governor during this period, and also introduces a namelist of generals in Northern Dynasties’s Dunhuang and deeds of Guazhou(Dunhuang’s another name)’s governor.Because of research ways of dynamic and long-term range, it makes contributions to approach respects of Dunhuang history in ancient China.

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