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Study on the Problems of Early Sibo Ethnic Groupand Horqin Mongolian Relationship

Author WangChangQuan
Tutor SongLiHeng
School Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities
Course Chinese Ethnic Minorities
Keywords Xibe Horqin Relationship
CLC K249
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Yuan and Ming dynasties began Xibe and had thriving Nen River Valley in the northeast . Jiajing 20 years ( 1547 ) , the the Horqin the Ministry奎蒙克塔斯rancid leader received the North $ profusely Dahir , to participate in the crackdown is called \Ministry of rebellion . Horqin ruling center moved to the Nen River Valley , began to reign here Xibe . Here , the Xibe Ministry vest the Horqin Mongolia identity unique treatment has its own independent right to obtain Horqin nobility Asylum . Kangxi 30 years ( 1692 ) , the Qing government order the the Northeast Anti domain and the directly bundle Xibe purpose of , from Horqin Mongolia hand Xibe people \versus betrayed and religious confuse lure the Horqin Mongolian feudal lords positive into the offer . \Kangxi 30 years ( 1699 ) in order to rectify the Manchu Eight Banners officers and men , the placement just good when the poor the Xibe officers and soldiers and their families moved to Mukden , the capital and other places with Leather . Especially the Qianlong 29 years ( 1764 ) , in order to strengthen the defense of Yili, as demand from Shengjing Zhucheng Xibe officers and men chosen prime of life by a thousand , and bring their families to the families , moved in Yili, Xinjiang and other places stationed . Xibe migrated to the south and westward migration , tender the Horqin Mongolia region some place names can reflect Xibe distribution footprint and life once in Horqin Mongolia region . In addition , in terms of culture and customs , religion, Xibe and the Mongolians have a lot in common , which is closely linked ruled Horqin Mongolia . Is also geographically adjacent cultural penetration or effect relationship .

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