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The Research on Marriage Concepts of Song Dynasty’s Scholars

Author LiZhenGuan
Tutor GuiQiPeng
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course History Special History
Keywords Song Dynasty Scholar Marriage Marriage Concepts
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Song Dynasty is time for change, which takes place a lot of changes in politics, economy and culture. Under this background, the marriage concepts also present a complicated and pluralistic character for the special time. While the scholar state is not only the most alert perceiver, but also has strong principles and the sense of mission for leading social concepts. This thesis attempts to presents the marriage concepts of scholar state in Song dynasty, through reorganizing and abstracting abundant documents and literatures. Besides, this thesis also tries to present Song Dynasty’s scholar state’s interaction with social environment and the strengthening of these people’s personal drive.The thesis is composed by two parts:the introduction and the main part.The introduction briefly introduces the purpose and meaning for this subject, predecessors’research results, and definitions for relative concepts.The main part is divided into five parts.The first part outlines the profound social background where formed the marriage concepts of scholar state in Song dynasty and it is from these angles such as the flourish of commodity economy, the decline of powerful family system, the maturity of imperial examination system and the rise of philosophical thought. Then on this basis, it summarizes the environment impact and the new trend of the marriage concepts of Song dynasty.The second part expounds the function concept of Song Dynasty’s scholars’ marriage from the three aspects below, the ethical function of ancestor worship and the continuity of a clan, the political function of marriage alliance and the economic function of circulation of money and home set. The thesis considers that the marriage’s function concept of scholar state in Song dynasty not only inherits the traditional Confucian thought but also combines Song Dynasty’s special background and has its own vivid times’features.The third part expounds the view of mate selection of Song Dynasty’s scholars’ marriage from two aspects, one is both parties’parentage and the other is their own conditions. Well-matched in social and economic status is the reflection of feudal marriage’s rank system and the essential features of feudal marriage’s view of mate selection. In Song Dynasty, the standard of parentage is from paying attention to power and influence of a family to paying more attention to official rank.So the parentage concept of marriage takes a corresponding change as well as it. Meanwhile, under the principle of well-matched in social and economic status, the marriage should takes whether both parties match or not into consideration inevitably to some extent. In the special historical background of Song Dynasty, the requirements to both marriage parties’conditions also have the times’features.The fourth part expounds the matrimony concepts of Song Dynasty’s scholars from three aspects, scholars’conjugal relation, scholars’virtue concepts and scholars’ degree of marriage freedom. Song Dynasty’s scholars act on the orders of the Confucian’s classical precept, they obey the rules of inside and outside, respected and menial strictly but they also have some flexible processing mode. At the same time, they pay attention to sincere and long couples’emotion but oppose intimate couples’ emotion. The virtue concepts of Song Dynasty’s scholars is at the transition period from multiplex and loose to simplex and harsh. In the degree of marriage freedom, Song Dynasty’s scholars’marriage follows the standard of Confucian courtesy and meanwhile it has some humanized and appropriate adaption.The fifth part echoes the first part which expounds the influence of marriage concepts of Song Dynasty’s scholars to political life and society morality. Song Dynasty’s marriage concepts have a deep influence to its internal affairs and foreign affairs. It causes drawbacks of missing the marriage season in society morality and has a great influence to the change of women’s social status.

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