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The Research on Artisitify Technology of Santiago·Calatrava’s Architectural Works

Author ZhuangZuo
Tutor LiuSongZuo
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Architectural History and Theory
Keywords Santiago Calatrava construction technology artistify technology dynamic construction form of space
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Santiago Calatrava, Spain architect, is the world’s renowned masters of architecture. Many his works are base on technique of structure, arts and crafts of build and art of construction. And his works are famous for dynamic configuration, elegant structure, unique style of art throughout the world. The artistic genius of Santiago Calatrava not only got achievement in the architecture field, but also in many design filed—bridge design, sculpture design, furniture design and painting, for example. As the prominent characteristic is artistic structure, those inimitable works inaugurate a new era on artistic structure and technology of building.This thesis will research and unscramble Santiago Calatrava’s architectural philosophy is artistic technology, from three aspects: the design ideas, design methods and its artistic technology representations comprehensively. This thesis contains three essential parts as follows:Firstly, this thesis analyzes culture amalgamation, technology and artistic inosculation, and reused existent knowledge three parts, and sum up his architectural creation foundation. He is seeking for ethic of real worth in philosophy and religion, and making the taste of culture infiltrate into architectural creation; he break up limit between art, science and technology, and create new architectural structure shape; he critically succeed to tradition, and quest for new possibility. Those adequately expressed Santiago Calatrava deeply consider that the relation between the inheritance and development of architecture tradition, understanding of the interrelationship between architecture and society; breakthrough the rule of architecture and process of architecture creation; and the understanding of the interrelationship between form, function and technique in architecture.Secondly, the thesis sum up unique architectural creation methods, include architectural space, shape and configuration three parts. In fact, the core of Santiago Calatrava’s works is exploring movement potential of buildings and creating dynamic construction. Beside, Santiago Calatrava is seeking for plastic fluid and consecutive of architectural shape. Finally, the thesis discussed that Santiago Calatrava is searching after construction technology, include node, material and technology of tradition three parts. He make column and girder’s force disassemble into pull and stress; he cooperate physics characteristic of material and function of construction, so that exertion them the best predominance; he triumphantly used modern material and technology method. Santiago Calatrava make abstractively mathematics language transfer to concretely construction, and sublime technology to art in a high level.

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