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Study of social security development path system based on the perspective of international comparison

Author ZhengMao
Tutor JiJinShan
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Political Economics
Keywords Social Security System Development path System effectiveness analysis Challenge and Reform Chinese lessons
CLC D632.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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This paper is the author has long been concerned to study the social security system and national economic growth, social progress and the relationship between the research stage. This paper attempts to sort out the problems clearly, first, that is, from our long-term sociological researchers and legal researchers ignore or attempt to evade one of the key issues, the social security system generates what is the premise of the philosophy of law? While actively promoting China’s current social security system, however, hardly a scholar of the social security system to face the root of the theory, which, in fact, avoided questioning the value of the country. It is this attitude led to the theory of China’s social security system, pale, while also making our country a lot of mess social security norms lack the necessary moral persuasion. Is obviously a people-based system construction, but to regulate the construction of many in the "mercy" of the financial plan based on the concept. It can be said that China’s social security system from the planned economy, the theory has not been the typical way of thinking. In this paper the author intended to clear the concept of the social security system, the source of legislation----I believe that is the theory of natural rights philosophy of law is the premise of the social security system! Human rights theory is the human society has long been recognized as one of the basic values and common sense, the concept can not sort out the system to avoid the origin. I think that the social security system must be the cornerstone of the theory of basic human rights, social security system, history and reality have proved this point. This also shows that the social security system is a typical construction and implementation of national obligations, otherwise the country’s existence value?Sort out the social security system in the philosophy of law premise, the author attempts to answer questions about the social security system and the relationship between economic growth, at present the disputed issue, some Western scholars believe that Social Security itself is the country’s financial and consumer poison, but there are a large number of empirical studies by other economists, that the social security system to start with the positive correlation between economic growth. The author in this part of the paper, sort out the social security system and some economic analysis economic analysis, that the transformation of China’s economic growth has been strong social security system support.Comparative study, summed up the world’s social security system developed in the system practical experience, is the author writing papers focus on the link. However, the world’s rich, living in different countries, different legal systems environment, and therefore have different systems path selection, therefore, selected countries, in fact, breaking the typical tough job faced. Finally, I address the world’s leading Two Schools, ie the common law and civil law, the chosen representative of the state as the object of study. Study of the social security system, the United Kingdom and the United States is not around the last of the classic representative of the social security system to explore their path of development is significant. But rather civil-law countries such as France, Germany, Sweden and other than those typical, as are appropriate in this thesis study,I finally chose a single system, a long history of social security in Sweden as a Nordic comparison. Article, the sort of social security systems in these countries the development path, list them in the context of modern challenges and their respective response measures, and to analyze. Objective is to become a valuable experience in the development of China’s social security system transformation of the most valuable lesson.When the article back to China’s social security system, localization issues, I suddenly felt at a loss, a rule of law and tradition in contemporary society from moral distanced the country, about the social security system design, it is untrue and hypocritical. On contemporary China, the rule of law requires you to do too many things, many of the basic things unfunded, talk about the practice of the social security system have castles in the air feeling. However, the total road to go. the state and social progress, there is a Seto to contain the social security system, including the many working to promote the rule of law, on this basis, I consider China’s progress at social security, development conditions, challenges and some possible vision, and that they are meaningful exploration.

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