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Manpower Resource Exploitation of Social Vulnerable Groups in China

Author YangDan
Tutor GuJie
School Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course Business management
Keywords Vulnerable Groups Human Resources Development Development Strategies
CLC D632.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Adding the population number of the disabled, the mental patient and other kinds ofdisadvantaged population and minus the population overlap, there are about two or three hundredmillion vulnerable groups in china, accounting for15%-23%of the total population, including12million registered unemployed workers and laid-off workers,26million rural povertypopulation,25million citizens given by subsidies,240million peasant-workers,0.6million poorgraduates according to10%of2010’s graduate’s number,2million natural disasters suffers andimmigrants(of reservoir resettlement is1.3million).246.63million children aged from one tofourteen,113.09million more than sixty-five years old people, and disabled people and mentalpatients. The scale and proportion of vulnerable groups is rare in the world.The social problemscaused by vulnerable groups in the society, such as re-employment of peasant workers andlaid-off workers, the social security of poor people and the land-loss of peasants and forceddemolishment,have affected the development of economy, the stability of political and socialharmony badly,which should not be ignored. Although the problems of vulnerable groups havebeen emphasized and many solutions have been proposed by the domestic and foreign scholars,the solutions are mainly about how to protect the vulnerable groups and it is not enough abouthow to study and solve these problems from the perspective of Human resources development.From a new angle of view, this paper developed vulnerable groups as effective human resources,seeking for a way that reduce the scale of vulnerable groups and alleviate the problem ofvulnerable groups basically.The phenomenon of vulnerable groups can be commonly found in any of the system, andnow it causes “two pains”——individual pain and society pain, which are cannot be ignored.Personnel development of vulnerable groups does good to promote the utilization of our overalllabor resources and is benefit for strengthening international competitiveness, promoting thedemocratization process and social fairness and justice, as well as the unity of social stability.This paper is divided into five parts. The first chapter: introduction, which introduces theresearch background and the purpose, goal and main contents, research methods and innovativepoints. The second chapter is mainly talking about the study of vulnerable groups both at homeand abroad. The key words are "Vulnerable group"," human resources development "and thispassage makes simple review and summary. The third chapter is mainly about present situationof vulnerable groups and the analysis. It mainly talks about construction, characteristics andpresent situation of vulnerable groups and the reasons for the formation of the vulnerable groups.This chapter also analysis the present situation of vulnerable groups who have labor capacityrepresented by the urban and rural poverty, laid-off workers and migrant workers.The fourthchapter is talking about the development strategy of Personnel development in vulnerable groups.The vulnerable groups development can be promoted by the strategies of setting up the conceptof talents, constructing the harmonious social development environment, improving the publicpolicy and deepening reform policy, increasing financial input, constructing education trainingsystem and designing career planning and so on. The fifth chapter is the summary, which brieflysummarizes the whole passage.

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