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Research on the Developmental of Chinese Non-governmental Organization in the Transitional Period

Author JinHui
Tutor TaoJianPing
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Administration
Keywords non-governmental organization transitional period path
CLC D632.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The thesis studies the developmental path of Chinese non–governmentalorganization in the background of social transformation through the method of caseanalysis and system research, which is to explore a practical way to developnon-government and improve public management and aim at serving modern socialconstruction.Through the analysis of some typical cases of the non-governmental organizations,it shows that Chinese non-governmental organizations have developed in quantity,scale and social influence; however, the current situation on the whole is still notsatisfying, which can be concluded from two aspects. One is the lack of support fromexternal environment for the development of non-governmental organizations,especially the limitation of non-governmental dual supervision system and theineffective supervision to non-governmental organization. Therefore, this paper holdsthat the reform of dual management system is to the key to develop governmentorganizations of our country. The specific approach is to cancel the non-governmentalorganizations, formulate a system from competent business, and organize the office ofcivil administration separated from the Civil Affairs Bureau which includes two maintasks: one is to continue to perform the original performed by folk organizationmanagement office registration and inspection work; the other is provided fornon-governmental organizations to attend regular by the folk organizationadministration and relevant experts and scholars organized a hearing, hearing canenhance the daily supervision of non-governmental organizations, on the other hand,the hearing can give full play to the role of experts and scholars, instead of thecompetent business unit of professional guidance function. Chinese non-governmentalorganization developmental situation is not optimistic for its lack of sources offunding, cooperation network, professional talents and social capital which directlylimits the development of the non-governmental organizations in China. Therefore,enhancing social capital is the key to the capacity of non-governmental organizations,especially important strategic significance of the establishment and long-termcooperation mechanism of enterprises for the development of Chinesenon-governmental organizations. The available approach is to apply the marketmechanism to allow conditional acceptance to the enterprise donations of apeople-run non-enterprise unit selectively, and some enterprises produced by thecharity supermarket supplies the platform according to the market price of the sale.The sales income maintains the organization’s operation, which can make full use ofthe donated goods, realize the maximization of utility, and tend to endowmententerprise to improve its image, so as to encourage enterprises to increase endowmentand achieve long-term cooperation people-run non-enterprise unitsAll in all,this study draws the following two conclusions:the path in Chinesetransitional period should be government-oriented.Firstly,the development ofnon-governmental organizations in China is still in its infancy,which need to depend on the support of our non-governmental organizations;secondly,the government-orientedpath does not mean to deprive the power of non-governmental organizations toparticipate in governance rights,instead of non-governmental organizations shouldcontrol their initiative,using the existing policy mobilization of enterprises andcitizens participate in its development,so as to enhance their ability to paticipate in thepublic governance and better play its due role.

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