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Comparative Study of the Dragon Boat Festival

Author ZuoChao
Tutor XingYongFeng
School Shandong University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Sino-Japanese Dragon Boat Festival Compare National Character
CLC K891
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As we all know, Japan for a long period of time, and actively introduced from China in the system, customs, beliefs, academic culture. At the same time, the Chinese and Japanese folk culture, economic exchanges are very frequent. It can be said that, coming from the Chinese culture and Japanese lives, and laid the foundation of Japanese culture. Dragon Boat Festival, whether in China or in Japan, are vitally important traditional festivals. Chinese Dragon Boat Festival as a local festival a long time retains its traditional style. Dragon Boat Festival in Japan originated in China, However, with the development of Japanese society, the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan gradually changed, and eventually became a festival of Japanese specialties. Dragon Boat Festival in China and Japan will be inspected, and then find out the similarities and differences both final analysis reflects from China and Japan national character. This article is divided into the following four parts. The first chapter is \Introduces the prior studies, the position of this paper, the object of study and research methods. The second chapter is \This chapter is divided into two sections of the origin of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival \In this section of the origin of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the main literature investigation on the origin of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Have a lot to say about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most powerful is this statement to commemorate Qu Yuan. This section mainly documented reference to \Then investigate the association of dumplings and dragon boat racing Qu Yuan. Next, introduce another of the more popular \This section briefly examine various exorcism May evil on folk beliefs customs and its characteristics. \customs. The third chapter is Japan's Dragon Boat Festival. Four sections of this chapter to the history of development for clues into the beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan, Kamakura, Muromachi period, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival \are discussed. The beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan, this section discusses the style of Nara, Heian period the public sector Dragon Boat Festival and its Chinese characteristics. \\Modern Dragon Boat Festival this section Hiroshima, Japan, the Dragon Boat Festival as an example to introduce today's Japan, the Dragon Boat Festival customs. The final chapter is a comparison of the Dragon Boat Festival. First, investigate the characteristics of each of the Dragon Boat Festival of China and Japan. Then specifically addressed the same and different points of both the final analysis, which reflects the national character of the two countries different.

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