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The Role Orientation Research on the Women of Han Nationality in Traditional Festivals

Author ZhangZhiLei
Tutor ChenHuaWen
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Folklore
Keywords Traditional Festivals Women's roles Social division of labor Change Feminism
CLC K892.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The traditional festival in China for several thousand years of history, it is not only an important part of people's daily life, but also the cultural expression of national and regional specialties. In a strict sense, the role of each person in the traditional festival life have determined relative positioning, and everyone living in this mode. As one of the main body of festival life - women, they play an important role. In this paper, Shanxi Datong fieldwork and survey Han women in the four traditional festivals, the use of the method of participant observation fieldwork and depth interviews, folklore and history perspective cut, respectively, from the female role in the traditional festival, the traditional festival of the social division of labor, the impact of the the female changing role of reason and Feminism Influenced role reposition to start on four parts, designed to enrich the traditional festival of women role, a cut perspective and can learn from the perspectives for future research in this area. Women of different ages have very different roles in the festival life. Female minors, belonging to the festive living in the \There is a category in the minors, women, I tentatively called \They had the innocence of a child, but in real life they can not find their true role. Their traditional festival is a group of special populations, often lose their own position. Married women have a very important role in the festival, they embody the \Older women as a \The economic model of farming men and women weave our traditional division of labor in society. \They both holiday makers and procurement of the necessities of life, but also the importance of family and community activities organizers. In addition, they will still be the inheritors of the cultural festival, has unique advantages men. The role of women in the festival life changes with the times are constantly changing. Among these are the continuation of the traditional role of women, such as the tradition of female \the main role, the initiative to ask men to share family work, fewer women in traditional festival Humble discrimination phenomenon. Affect the changing role of women in traditional festival mainly due to external economic factors and socio-cultural environment factors, but also improve women their own inherent level of education, ideological awareness-raising and other factors. Western feminism was introduced to China from the 20th century, 80 years later, the role of women in Chinese society has undergone great changes. They ask really enjoy and men equal rights, status, both in daily life or in the life of traditional festival, they are very obvious to require equal performance. First, under the influence of Western feminism, they realized own independent personality festivals hero, so their role in traditional festival slowly shift from the role of the \Secondly, they are also a wife and mother of the new era, they no longer exist vassal men realized their true value. Finally, they firmly heritage with their traditional festivals and cultural contributions to building a harmonious society for our own strength.

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