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Study on Funeral Rites of Returned Overseas Chinese

Author YangQiuYou
Tutor ZhengYiSheng
School Guangxi University for Nationalities
Course Ethnology
Keywords returned overseas Chinese overseas Chinese Farm funeral rite function symbol
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Rite is always the traditional research topic of Anthropology andEthnology. The funeral rite which symbolizes the end of life is animportant rituals of life, and it is also a significant tool used in ethicstudies. Two groups of Returned Overseas Chinese from Indonesia andVietnam live in Liucheng Overseas Chinese Farm. The research ontraditional culture—the funeral rites of Returned Overseas Chinese notonly provide new content for Returned Overseas Chinese studies, but alsomake a suggestion for local Overseas Chinese Affairs Department tostrengthen the Overseas Chinese affairs.Based on field work, adopting the methods of participant observation,in-depth interview, comparative analysis and documentary analysis, thispaper mainly depicts funeral rites of Returned Overseas Chinese, makes astructural and comparative analysis and concludes its features、functionsand symbolic meanings using ritual theory, functionalist theory andsymbolic theory. The author regards that the funeral rites of ReturnedOverseas Chinese has the features of inclusivity and stability, and it hasthe functions of comforting relatives and strengthen ethnic identity, as areflection of ancestor worship, funeral rites also shows their economicstrength and family power.

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