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Research on the Network Culture in Context of Post-Modernism

Author HuangYaZuo
Tutor ZhengXiangFu
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Sociology
Keywords Network culture Post-modernism Netizen
CLC G122
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Network culture has become the main form of modern culture of communication, its development is changing the way people live and communicate, has become a model of modern human existence. Network culture problem is a hot real problem of national concern, its has a huge impact on the real world, Formed a great challenge and impact of the national political order, social stability, traditional culture, art forms, and has a significant impact on the present and future. With its strong interaction playing an important role on the formation of social culture and other aspects, can internet be a new mean of dissemination of socialist advanced culture and harmonious culture is at stake, therefore, attention to construction of network culture in the new period of the construction of socialist culture must be an important issue. We should have a full appraisal and preparation for the social real effects that the transmission of network culture could trigger, This is the fundamental starting point of this article that study of network culture, hope the new postmodern cultural perspective reveals the essential characteristics of the network, analyze the negative impact cause by it, which can provide some help for be further comprehensive and profound grasp of network culture, and promote cultural harmony building.As a new quality, new forms of cultural patterns, network culture negative, critical, and beyond the traditional culture in many respects, everywhere showing a trend of post-modern culture of pursuing sensibility and despising rationality, pursuing worldliness and opposing elegant, various ideas that Postmodernism advocates all can be found in the network culture, network culture inherent to post-modern characteristics always characterized the post-modern philosophy, Therefore, analyze the network culture in the context of post-modernism, to further reveal its deeper characteristics and nature of cultural phenomena. Based on the reality of China’s domestic situation, study the network culture by the post-modern perspective in this paper. First, based on introducing the main characteristics and identity of postmodernism, identity of network, analyze the post-modern characteristics of network culture, Its features include: the Symbolic features of the network cultural, the illusion features of network culture, the fragmentary features of the network culture, the commodity features of network culture, the recreational features of cultural network, the decentralized and anti-authoritative features of network world, The features of globalization of network culture, the alienation of network media; secondly, analyze and reflective the negative effects caused by the post-modern situation of network culture, mainly from the following aspects:network culture caused "post-colonial era "; shook the mainstream political ideology, authoritative discourse is dispelled; pursuit of unlimited self, morally binding weakened; the high entertainment of network culture resolved guidelines for traditional values; interpersonal trust crisis, the real interpersonal relationships became indifferent; relationship between the virtual and the real fault induced personality disorder; challenging traditional patterns of society, people’s real life ability to recession; Finally, give some suggestions to response these negative impacts:fully mobilize the guiding role and incentives of national culture, so that the advanced culture of occupation the network; strengthen the quality education of network, to improve the ability to resist and identify negative information; improve relevant laws and regulations, strengthen the monitoring and management; strengthen the moral self-discipline education of network subjects; strengthening technological innovation, research and develop the independent computer operating systems.

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