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Study on Government Responsibility in the Process of the Urbanization of New Generation Migrant Workers

Author JiangHong
Tutor LiuHouJin
School East China University of Political Science
Course Administration
Keywords the new generation migrant worker urbanizationthe responsibility of government
CLC D412.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As a special offspring of our country’s mechanism, the migrant workers problemhas always been the focus issue of government and academic researches who strive tofind ultimate solutions. From the foreign experience we can see that urbanization isthe ultimate way out of rural labor force which migrates into cities. At present, as acrucial contributor to promote the process of urbanization and industrialization, theirurbanization has been a concern of scholars for a long time: As one of the leadingconstructors of social and economic achievements, they still could not share the equaltreatment with citizens and can not fully enjoy the achievements of the construction ofthe state.As the time pass away, the new generation of migrant workers has been thebackbone of the group, and the researching object of the way to urbanize migrateworkers must turn from the first generation to the new generation. This paper startsfrom the equalization of public service and social justice theory combined with theanalysis of the characters of the new migrate workers to analyze the responsibilitywhich the government should take in city integration process.Urbanization of the migrate workers depends on the profession, social identity,and awareness of behavior for them. After the analysis of the current situation of theurbanization for the new generation of the migrate workers, it is discovered that thereare many problems to realize the urbanization: on the one hand, in the binary socialstructure of city and country based on the system of registered permanent residence,peasant-workers have suffered various discrimination and unequal treatment afterentering cities such as employment, education and social security etc. It is the fundamental reason to hinder the professionalization and urbanization of the migrateworkers; on the other hand, due to the lack of guidance and support from thegovernment as well as the insufficient investment in the public service, self-factors ofthe migrate workers such as the level of knowledge and skills, stock of social capital,and values can not satisfy the requirements of the urbanization.According to the problems existed in the urbanization for the new generation ofmigrate workers, combining with the equalization theory of social equality and publicservice, the article believe that the responsibility of government to realize theurbanization of the migrate workers should give its clear expression not only toshould eliminate the system barrier of the urbanization and promote the urbanizationof the profession and social identity by the reform and innovation of the householdregistration system, employment system and social security system, but also shouldremove the rejection of cities, increase the social capital, improve the group quality,promote the communication between city resident and the new generation of migrantworkers by provide public service.

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