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Rural Public Security Comprehensive Administration Status Quo, Problems and Countermeasures of New Rural Construction in Jingzhou City

Author WangZhengZhong
Tutor ZhangWenYing; WangZhongYuan
School Yangtze University
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords New Rural Construction Rural public order Comprehensivemanagement Present situation Problem Countermeasure
CLC D422.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The issue of agriculture, farmer and rural area, are always the critical problems in the modernization course and construction of an affluent society,also are ultimate problems for the Party’s and country’s all-aspect policies.Without solid agriculture basis and agriculture accumulation,there is no independence of China or the development of industry.without stable and all-round rural area progress,there is no stability of the entire society or its all-round progress. Without all the peasants, moderate prosperity for the whole country.the more abundant the agriculture is,the firmer the basis becomes, the more stabilized the countryside,the more peaceful the society grows.the richer the peasants are,the more prosperous China gets.The central Party Committee has made significant strategic decisions for building socialist new countryside at16Fifth Plenary Session,with the new blueprint characterized by "development in production, affluence in living,civilization in local customs,neatness in village construction,democracy in management." Construction of new countryside, is to improve the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, and plays an important role in promoting the construction of modern agriculture. Is to increase farmers’income, the basic way to boom the rural economy; Is the development of social undertakings in rural areas, the main content of building a harmonious society; Is narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, a major measure for the comprehensive construction well-off.The new rural construction is an important part in the construction of a harmonious society in our country, realize the social stability is actually to realize national development strategy and the demand of the reality in the rural areas and farmers. Maintaining rural stability, millions of farmers are masters of the country? How to exercise the constitutional politics, economy, social affairs management and grass-roots power of all the projects? Is to manage themselves in accordance with the law, the villagers autonomy. Practice proves that the sustained, stable and coordinated development of rural economy, we must use the law to rural work various aspects of the relationship. To consolidate the development of rural fundamental results, it is necessary to use legal norm the behavior of the cadres, villagers. Want to build a new socialist countryside, we must make the agricultural production, farmers life towards the rule of law.In this article the author analyzes the significance of the socialist new rural construction by pointing out that it is a developed rural social form with all-round development,based on the economic development of these areas and it is a new strategy proposed by the new central leading collectives to implement and realize the scientific development concept comprehensively construct a harmonious society of socialism,plan the city and countryside socio-economic development,establish a system for the industry to reciprocate the agriculture, the city support the countryside. Five indispensable basic standards are set up to measure the concept of new countryside construction witch are respectively new apartments, new facilities,new environment,new farmer and new custom.they are interpreted by constructing economizing apartments according to different customs and ethic features improving infrastructures as roads,water and electricity supplies,broadcasting system,and tel-communications for sharing information civilization,and building better ecological and living environment.The farmers in these places are entitled with modernized qualities,with four virtues of deals literacy,morality as well as discipline.The concepts of science civilization and rule of law,and the construction of spiritual civilization should be strengthened. It has also been taken as the essential requirement for constructing a harmounious society,a basic spproach for planning the city and countryside development,realizing common prosperity,a reliable guarantee for the3-civilization construction.It is a stragetic deployment to boost rural economy,a general measure to deal with the issues of agriculture,countryside and peasants systematicly,a hope project to revive Chinese nationality.The second part deals with the current situation of socialism rural construction in Jingzhou city.In recent years,ensured by the principles of development in production,affluence in living civilization in local custom,neatness and cleanness in village construction,democracy inmanagement Jingzhou government has made apparent progress in the pilot construction of new countryside., Jingzhou City, the results of the comprehensive management of certain rural social order and stability in rural areas for the new rural development to promote the development of rural harmony, rural economy and social undertakings, to create a good environment. However, the rural social security comprehensive management still need to solve the following problems:A transfer of surplus labor to the cities blocked, hidden to the rural social order and stability. The laid-off urban high rate limit of surplus agricultural labor to urban migration, putting pressure on the rural social order.2, Rural Security and passive cope with the serious, deal with the complex security situation in the future lack of preparation.3, the function of the weakening of rural grass-roots political organization, rural social security resources are difficult to integrate. To solve the above problem, the third part analyzes the Jingzhou City, the new rural construction in rural facets of public security countermeasures.(A) from a macroeconomic viewpoint, we must seize the following four points.(1) must vigorously strengthen the building of rural grass-roots organizations, and give full play to the party branch fighting force.(2) must be extensive and in-depth carried out legal education and cultural awareness, especially effective in young people to carry out legal education, which is the fundamental work of the rural social order, public opinion, basis and ideological guarantee.(3) must strive to strengthen the collective economy, reducing farmers’ burdens, to organize the farmers to develop production and get rich.(4) the implementation of various measures of social security comprehensive management, and strengthen the fight against and prevention functions, this is an effective measure to improve rural social order.(B) from a micro perspective, the necessary law and order established in the administrative villages Association, the implementation of the Security Contract, rural law and order to prevent economic lever, the real rural law and order was tubes, it was dry, firmly grasp the problem.(C) the full implementation of civil defense, measures to implement the civil air defense, physical defense, anti-technology (referred to as anti-)In summary, the results of the city’s rural social security comprehensive management is certain stability in the rural areas for the new rural construction, promoting the development of rural harmony, rural economy and social undertakings have created a favorable environment. But the comprehensive management of social security in rural areas are still some problems to be solved, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, deep part of the township, the rural survey, the survey found that the basic experience of the rural social security comprehensive management and practices, the problems of rural social security comprehensive management and countermeasures proposed some views.

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