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A Study to Chinese Youth Spirit Need for Development Under Cultural Diversity

Author WangMeLing
Tutor WangXia
School Henan Normal
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords youth development spiritual needs cultural diversity
CLC D432.62
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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To satisfy people’s spiritual need for further development, that is youth development situation of ourcountry to achieve development, we must meet the various needs of each person’s own changing needscontinue to promote the development of youth. Characteristics of youth, the historical status of the YouthDevelopment is in their best interests. Necessaries of life of youth development, such as learning,employment, mental catharsis to get a better solution, the young man showing stability, order, and promotesocial development status; on the contrary, the youth of these requirements can not be resolved, there willbe a wave of bad youth, the impact and even the destruction of the existing social system and social order.At present, the deepening of economic globalization, China’s rapid economic and social development,youth development in the increasingly diversified demand, both to grow and learn the basic needs ofanother employment business, spiritual and cultural interests to maintain a wide range of specific needs.The final analysis pointed out that the actual performance of the daily demand is youth own spiritual needs.So continuously meet the spiritual needs of youth development, to enhance youth the spiritual realm, needto meet the reasonable Youth Development, which has a point of great practical significance for theharmonious development of young healthy growth and social stability.Therefore, from the Angle of theneed of spirit understand people’s free and overall development, whether in new objective historicalconditions achieve self-improvement, or for the socialist construction of booming development, no doubt,has very important theoretical significance.Marxism emphasis material productivity development, and at the same time, pay more attention tolead the spiritual production on the free and comprehensive development of man, to avoid the unilateraldevelopment in material production. People’s spiritual life itself is one reason to exist, because there are fulland rich spiritual need, it can truly reflect the life of rich and colorful, understanding the meaning of life.Spiritual needs of human development is a kind of inner motive support, no matter be in advancedindustrial societies or in our market economy condition, the human spirit power has been behind thedevelopment of the people, give a person an inexhaustible spiritual strength, the person’s spirit need in thisis particularly important for development. This study was based on Marx’s historical materialism Angle of view, Marxism discusses the spiritual life of the important theory as the theory support of extracted, thenanalysis the spiritual needs of the diversity and complexity of features, given the essential connotation ofspiritual needs. Combined with the present situation of the development of Chinese youth, analyzes thecharacteristics of youth spiritual needs hierarchy and how to meet different demand, which could leadingyoung people healthy and positive, realizing the comprehensive rich spiritual life. In the new situation, thevalues of cultural diversity gradually infiltration, the youth, outlook on life, the values of the world therehave been some changes. Youth group is one that the biggest impact on cultural diversity; one that the mostdirect impact on the thinking mode diversification. Due to all kinds of cultural interlaced conflict and theinfluence of the thinking,the part of the youth became very active, and part of the youth group appearreverse thinking, the behavior is contrary to the social morality. Undeniable youth in overall development isoptimistic, at the same time also appear some lag phenomenon, such as the different values, psychologicalidentity of different performance etc. So we should increase the education strength, meet their spirit needs,truly care about them, love them, to treat the existing problems from the fundamental. As the new worldleader they should be actively guided and to comprehensive development. Realization of youth spiritualneeds of the practical path of developing productivity, mainly from the development of education andculture, adjustment of national administrative policy, optimize the natural ecological environment and otherrelated aspects of the implementation of the integration of the spirit of youth.

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