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Study on strengthening the function of Chinese women's organizations to safeguard the rights and interests of women

Author WangMin
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School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Administration
Keywords Women’s federation Non-governmental organization Women’s rights andinterests Function of women’s federation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Women’s Federation is an influential non-governmental organization in China andacts as a bridge between the Party and government and the people. Its basic functionsinclude: to represent and safeguard women’s rights and interests, to promote equality ofmen and women. The work of Women’s Federation is concerned with people’slivelihood and other works. Managing the work is the demand of the Party and the state.Women’s Federation should fully implement the spirit of the Sixth Session of the Seventeenth Central Committee of the Party and Women New Program, seize the opportunity,work together to forge ahead, give full play to the advantages of Women’s Federation, strengthen its functions, and promote the right safeguarding work to reach a new stage.Women’s Federation needs to innovate the work methods, service means and integratevarious resources to strengthen its functions. Women’s Federation should enhanceorganization construction and source participation to safeguard women’s legitimaterights and interests; Women’s Federation needs to make the best of mode ofdevelopment and operation as a non-governmental organization, enhance functionconstruction and cooperate with the Party and government to safeguard women’s rights.Taking non-governmental organization theory and gender theory as the theoreticalresearch basis, from the perspective of the nature and the function of Women’sFederation, this thesis has an analysis on the history, main problems and function ofsafeguarding women’s rights and interests by Women’s Federation, and puts forward thesolution on how to strengthen to safeguard women’s rights and interests. The researchbelieves that Women’s Federation has unique political advantage, rich resourcesuperiority and special women base advantage in safeguarding women’s rights andinterests. The function of Women’s Federation to safeguard women’s rights and interestsshould be further strengthened. The ways and methods of right safeguarding and thecomprehensive quality of woman cadres should be further improved. Since the societydevelops unremittingly and women’s demands change continuously, new requests areput forward for the right safeguarding work of Women’s Federation. Women’s Federation should grasp the opportunity, change the concept of right safeguarding andstrengthen the organization construction. The new program has been put forward, whichpoints out the direction of future development and identifies the work priorities of theFederation. China Women’s Federation plays a dual role and its functions need to befurther intensified. It should center on the basic state policy of equality of men andwomen, introduce gender theory, promote the integrated, equal and coordinateddevelopment of women, link women’s development with international women’sdevelopment tendency, actively help the vulnerable group, and strive for the Party andgovernment’s support and consider safeguarding women’s development as thegovernment’s responsibility. Therefore, the Federation should identify its position,integrate various social resources, innovate the working mechanism, strengthen itsconstruction, and intensify its function of safeguarding women’s rights and interests.

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