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Study on Influence of Trait Anxiety to Military Pilot’s Category Learning

Author ShaoFeng
Tutor LouZhenShan
School Fourth Military Medical University
Course Psychology
Keywords military pilots Trait anxiety category learning stress
CLC E0-051
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Anxiety affect the life of everyone, the pilot is no exception.It not onlyaffect pilot’s normal life,but also affect the pilot’s air safety. We need to clarifythe anxiety mechanism for pilots in the disposal of the complex air situation.When pilot disposed abnormal air situation,he need to clarify some questionsthat the flight status is "safe" or "unsafe" and his manipulation is "right" or"error". This behavior of distinction is belong to category learning’s researchfield. As a result, this research through empirical comparative study, toexplore the characteristics of trait anxiety pilot’s category learning, andprovide new idea of pilot’s problem-solving on abnormal flight state bytheoretical and practical basis.In this study, To explore relationships between the Mental Health AndTrait Anxiety,Social Support,Coping Style of Miliary Pilots,We randomlyselected100men from pilots who made his health convalescence in Air ForceHangzhou aviation medicine Identification and training Center from July2010to December2011.after this step.We randomly choosed20trait anxiety pilots and20normal pilots,Use the artificial picture to made the AN and ABcategory learning. We analyze the data with T test, ANOVA and factoranalysis and amos pathway analysis.Results:(1)Trait anxiety affect the pilot’s mental health, coping style and socialsupport utilization.(2)Trait anxiety pilot’s category leaning characteristics have obviousdifference with non-trait anxiety pilots.a. Trait anxiety pilots in the absence of stress, the category learning wasmore efficient than non-trait anxiety pilots.b. Trait anxiety pilots stress category learning efficiency is lower than thenon-Trait Anxiety pilots, and AN-class learning efficiency decreased learningdegree than Class AB.We can draw the inclusions as following:(1) Trait anxiety pilot’s have poor mental health, they need to strengthentheir social support utilization.(2) Trait anxiety pilot’s category learning efficiency is better in calmmood. Trait anxiety pilots should change their cognitive,and maintaina calm emotional state, to improve their training effect.(3) Trait anxiety pilots category learning efficiency decreasedsignificantly under conditions of stress existing.Trait anxiety pilotsshould change their cognitive moldels to reduce the state anxietyunder the stress conditions.(4) Trait anxiety pilots the AN mode than the AB model class learningefficiency decreased more severely in conditions of stress, traitanxiety pilot should use AB training mode as much as possible in normal life.(5) Difficulty of military pilots category learning is part of the fuzzycharacteristics of the training objectives, boundaries are not cleartraining program should be amended. Emergency training programshould be Simplicity and clarity.

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