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War and Justice-Interpretation on the Transformation of Justice in the Western Warfare Ethics

Author QinXiaoLei
Tutor HeTianYun
School Sichuan International Studies University
Course Foreign Philosophy
Keywords War justice politics peace interests ethic
CLC E0-053
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The war has been always existed along with the development of the humancivilization,and also appears to be different formats in every period.Since ancienttimes,the masters of the philosophy have the profound meditation and discussion onthe war,and exposed the nature and purposes of the war.Driven by interests, the warpresented out of a brutal and bloody,so that the people began to reflect on the naturepurpose of the war.In the process of the human civilization development,the will ofthe protection of life become stronger and stronger. The purpose of the war was notthe halo of honor,or not the interests of class, but the pursuit of the peace. Under thepremise that the war can not be avoided in the reality,we are still craving for the peaceand pursuing for the ethic of justice.The justice is a quality, a pursuit of the highestgood which is the most important virtues. We create the atmosphere of the socialjustice, build the justice between the nations in effort, and hope to limit the corruptionof moral in the war based on the individual justice which we advocate. So how tograsp the ethic and reflect the justice in the war is the key for us to survival. In thetransformation of the Western Warfare ethic,we can see the traces of the gradualtransformation of the justice.The embodiment of justice in the war has changed,fromthe God in the ancient Greece to the personal will of modern pursuit,until theawakening of the universal justice.The changing let us realize the trend of ultimatejustice for human deeply which the western ethic devote itself to pursuit for. Based onthis,we discussed the basis of the justice of the war,in which democracy and valuesare the most important condition,also discussed the criteria of the justice of thewar,which was consist of the premise of the pre-war justice,the principles of thewarring justice,and the focus of the post-war justice. The summary was reflections inthe war which all human beings have paid a high price,let us recall the hardships ofthe human pursuit of the ethic of justice. The content of the Western warfare ethicswas colorful,in which we can discover that the peace was fixed as a permanent themewhile the humanitarism was put on an important position.The humanitarism call for the moral choice of the respect for life,against the violence in tendency,maintain thestatus of the international authority, and promote the humanitarian spirit in thewar,such as the protection of the civilians in battlefield,the control of the war.However,we can’t ignore the misuse of the justice in the war,prevent the hegemonismon the back of the "humanitarian intervention" and their pursuing interests under theguise of the war.We will make use of the moral,to limit the war with the ethic ofjustice,to pursue the peace and freedom for us.

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