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Analysis about Marx’s Thought of Philosophy of War

Author KangXu
Tutor YinZuo
School Guangxi Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Marx war philosophy ontology epistemology methodology
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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War as a special social practical activity is a kind of armed struggle which is launched by human group to achieve their certain political or economic aims. It is also defined as the highest form of struggle as a way of solving the contradiction between nationality, country, class and political group. Many times of the rise and fall of the fate of nations and social progress in human history are closely connected with war. And the research on war theory is found as early as three thousand years ago in the great ancient Chinese military theory works Sun Tzu on the art of war. The book highlights the significance of war theory in ancient time in the following sentence:"we have to pay more attention to war, it is the big thing for nation, because war play a important role for the live or death of our country." We can also see this point in the book on war authored by Clausewitz a bourgeoisie militarist in modern times. Base on the study of almost a hundred war, with the dialectical method German classical philology, he systematically expound the law and experience of war, which open the door of the war thinking of modern times bourgeoisie. Based on this theoretical source and the analysis of the practical social battle, our great proletarian revolutionary teachers Marx and Engels have improved the war theory into a higher level, at the same time, they start the study of war theory for proletariat, which is regarded as the important theoretical guide for the war for world proletariat.The foundation of the Marxist philosophy has greatly changed the systematic construction of the traditional philosophy, taking the Marxist practical theory as bridge, he scientifically expound the basic principle between dialectical materialism and historical materialism and disclose the essential relations between nature and society and its social law. Taking the above points as the theoretical starting point, and the Marxist war philosophical thinking as study target, this thesis explores the content construction of the Ontology, epistemology and methodology of Marxist war philosophy, it also expound the effect Marxist war philosophy on Marxist war philosophyChapter1gives a evaluation and general overview of Marxist war philosophical theory, discusses the contents of war and war philosophy, and gives a brief introduction of development process of the western world war theory before Marx’s. And a more detailed explanation of the origin and development of Marxist war philosophical theory, and put forward point that the development process of Marxist war philosophical theory is divided into four stages:forming stage, transitional stage, evolution stage and mature stage.Chapter2discusses Marx’s basic viewpoint toward war, base on the Ontology in Marxist historical materialism, he thought that come out of the development of productive forces, of which the factor of social division of labor is the most prominent one. But politics is source of war, that means it determines the essence and process of war.Chapter3explores the epistemology in Marxist war philosophical theory. Base on the fact that the dialectical materialism is critically inherited and developed, through the examination of time and history, this thesis put forward a view that the social nature of war is regarded as one of drastic social phenomenon in human practical activity. It also puts forward the property and kind of war. Marx proposed the three characters of war:political purposefulness, economical benefit and violent antagonism.Chapter4is guided by the Marxist dialectical materialism, first put forward that the war main part should use dialectical materialism to know the relations between main and object of a war, especially for the advanced main part of proletarian war. Second, this thesis discusses how control several factors in the Marxist war philosophical theory, of which the combination of both political and war way, the assurance of defense and attack, the management between time and room the effect of scientific technology on war are included. Last, Ⅰ discusses the functional factor war, Ⅰ points out that war is a two edged sword, one side, it can bring great damage to human’s civilization, on the other side, war impels society continually to a higher level, and at last disappear with the development of society and liberation of all human being.Chapter5explores the effect of the development of Marxist war philosophical theory, which is mainly reflected the inheritance develop and innovation of Marxist war philosophical theory by the proletariat in China and former Soviet Union. Thus form the new result of Marxist war philosophical theory, i, e, Lenin’s imperialist war theory, chair Mao and Ding Xiaoping’s military theories.

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