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The Academic Burnout of National Defense Students

Author YangYang
Tutor LiuHongWei
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords National defense Learning Burnout Ideological and Political Education
CLC E251
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Learning burnout is that during the period of school students to study professional courses, because of academic pressure is too large, the curriculum learning tasks, or affected by other individual physiological and psychological aspects, the depression, misconduct, and the phenomenon of low personal accomplishment. National defense students refers to the relevant requirements of the state military forces of the local colleges and universities, together with the selection and training of young students, enrolled students defense is the main way of senior high school students from the national unified college entrance examination or outstanding college students selected from the students. At present, our army is in the military construction of the reform period, each aspect is not very mature, especially in recent years, some during the national defense students don't study hard, the lack of learning initiative, learning burnout phenomenon obviously, causing them to school because the problems caused by the default phenomenon, the education of national defense students and to the troops the transmission of high-quality talent caused serious losses. In this paper, the national defense students of this special group of students as the research object, the learning burnout theory as the breakthrough point, from the three dimensions of learning burnout, namely depression, misconduct, reduced personal accomplishment, research of the national defense students learning burnout. Investigation to three college students of national defense as a sample, to take a random interview and questionnaire, interviews and questionnaire results, puts forward the effective countermeasures to solve the problems of the national defense students learning burnout. According to the results of the survey, the national defense students learning burnout in three dimensions, dejection scored slightly higher than the misbehave dimensions and low sense of achievement scores of the individual, that depression is the main factor affecting the national defense students learning burnout, personal behavior and personal mood after very easily lead to improper and low sense of achievement the phenomenon of learning burnout; the different grade students of national defense are different; the family economic situation of the national defense students will also have certain influence to the learning burnout of national defense students, mainly reflected in the difference between the individual behavior of this dimension: different family sources of national defense students, in the three dimensions of the score difference is not much, explained the different family sources of national defense students learning burnout factors are similar, this is not the main factor influencing; burnout dimensions of the three learning popular professional national defense students learning burnout is significantly greater than the impact on learning popular professional national defense students learning burnout; finally, combined with the statistical analysis of investigation results and related data, obtains the solution strategies learning burnout, national defense students mainly include: the correct guidance of social awareness of national defense, prevent defense Students affected by the adverse social thought; training mode innovation of national defense students, according to different grades of national defense students classified guidance, improve the national defense students; improve the incentive mechanism of national defense students; to create a good style of study; learning to establish mutual awareness; to enhance national defense students and local students exchange.

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