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Our Country Meat Product Quality Safety Control System Research

Author GaoYongYang
Tutor WuAiHua
School Shandong University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Food security Meat product supply chain HACCP supervising and managing system
CLC F426.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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"Hunger breeds discontent,to food security for the first". Food safe relates people’s health and the safety directly, relates social stability and the national economy development.With the meat product related food security event frequent occurrence, double will collect "the thin carnosine" in the near future the event, regardless of were all already posed the threat to consumer’s health to the meat product in international trade competitive power, it also directly affected the continually growth which received to the cultivation industry development and the farmer.China at present is in the world the biggest meat product producer country and the expense country, the meat product quality security problem especially is important and urgent.Therefore, conducts the research to the meat product quality safety control system, not only has the theory significance, moreover may provides the instruction in the practice for our country meat product and even the agricultural product quality safety control. At present, the domestic and foreign scholars have conducted many research to the food security problem, has yielded many results.But, but also lacks to the meat product quality security and the management system carries on thorough, the system theoretical analysis and the real diagnosis research.But the meat product quality safety engineering is a complex systems engineering, involves to the cultivation, slaughters, the processing, the circulation and the sale and so on very many links.Sends, the meat product safety control system not perfect situation in view of our country meat product security event frequency, how supplies the chain in the meat product each link to take some measures to safeguard the meat product security, has the reality research significance.This article conducts the research from following several aspects to our country meat product quality safety control system:(1) first elaborated the topic research background and the significance, carries on the thorough analysis to the domestic and foreign correlation research present situation, thus proposes this topic research mentality, the method, the content and the innovation spot;(2) aims at safeguards the meat product quality safely from the system theory, the quality control, supplies aspects and so on chain and HACCP carries on the theoretical analysis;(3) multianalysis our country meat product quality security present situation and the domestic and foreign supervising and managing system analysis, discovers our country meat product supervising and managing system the insufficiency;(4) pair of our country meat product quality safety control system design basic mentality, the goal, the principle and the overall frame conduct the technical plan research;(5) establishes and implements the HACCP system quality safety control technology plan research on the meat product supply chain;(6) meat product quality safe supervising and managing system implementation measure conducts the research.

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