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A Preliminary Study of Distribution System of Housing Security in China

Author RenSiMin
Tutor FanYunHui
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course Economic Law
Keywords protection of housing economically affordable housing low-cost housing distribution system regulatory regime
CLC D922.181
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Housing security of urban residents is an important part of the social security system in China,is a benefit people’s livelihood, the initiative of the people to worry about people’s livelihood, therelationship between economic prosperity and social stability. In the context of the rapiddevelopment of industrialization and urbanization, to solve the housing difficulties of low-incomefamilies, has been very concerned about our government. With the implementation of large-scaleconstruction of affordable housing in the "12th Five-Year Plan, protect the increasingly diverseways, but the distribution chain has become a problem. Practice, the allocation of the security roomconstantly filled with shady and unfair, let it fully vested with the right to the money by hand,resulting in the "security room" evolve to become a "privilege room, people really need it can notget this benefit. The long run, can not solve the housing problem, it will lead to new social conflicts.Although the introduction of the affordable housing management practices "and" low-rent housingsecurity approach two major legal, but not a fundamental solution to China’s protection of housingallocation and regulatory issues, the lack of a comprehensive entry and exit mechanisms supplyobject deviation liability discipline is weak, resulting in a lot of unfairness in the actual operation,resulting in the protection of housing allocation struggling.Based on the cause of China’s housing security building, on the basis of theoretical analysis toselect the low-rent housing and affordable housing as the main object of study, to analyze thereasons for their practice in the allocation process, recommendations and countermeasures. Fulltotal of five parts.The first part is an introduction, mainly including affordable housing research background andsignificance of the research status at home and abroad, the study of main ideas and methods.The second part is the theoretical basis of affordable housing and system overview. Thetheoretical basis for including human rights theory and economic and legal theory. The systemoverview meaning of its properties, including affordable housing, affordable housing type, pointedout that selecting low-rent housing and affordable housing both the need for the study of objects.The third part is the current situation and problems of affordable housing distribution system.First, a simple generalization of the allocation of the status quo of China’s security room. Mainlyfrom the object of the supply of low-rent housing and affordable housing, the supply, householdstatus, family income, application procedures, exit an overview of the standards, supervision andmanagement, legal responsibility. Secondly, pointed out the problems in the two types of protectionof housing allocation system, and summarized the eight o’clock content, such as the legislative level is low, and efforts to protect the weak, asymmetric information, poor supervision, disciplinaryefforts need to be strengthened so on.The fourth part is abroad affordable housing allocation system and its Implications for China.First, the four countries of public housing in the United States, the Japanese public housing, HDBSingapore, Hong Kong’s public housing distribution system, summed up the advanced experience intheir respective security room distribution system. Then analyzed abroad of affordable housingdistribution system Enlightenment to China, including a sound legal system, a wide range ofsecurity objects, rigorous review process.Part fifth of affordable housing allocation system. Mainly from the establishment andimprovement of housing security regulations, the abolition of the household registration restrictions,create a personal account system, multi-style exit measures, strict audit procedures, theestablishment of assessment accountability mechanisms, increase disciplinary efforts to encouragethe media supervision by public opinion six aspects of research China’s protection of housingallocation system gradually reasonable and fair.Protection of housing is a big problem for the livelihood, housing projects for the people"Housing". A housing allocation system in line with China’s national conditions, we should strive toexplore the real play value of the security room should realize the good wishes of the people livingin Place.

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