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Animimation Elements in Creative of Televisio Advertising Application and Research

Author ChenJingYun
Tutor ZhangGuoBin
School Anhui University of Engineering
Course Art of Design
Keywords Animation Chinese elements Television advertising Creative Folk art
CLC F713.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Throughout the development of the television advertising industry in recent years, the domestic film and television advertising is maturing, the trend of the development of digital TV as well as TV networks, but also created a film and television advertising produced perfectly fine more artistic animation elements gradually filled with every corner of the television advertising , take on an important role in the transmission of information. Along with the rise of China's comprehensive strength, the desire of the Chinese people's national culture is increasingly strengthened. Advertising man who naturally recognize by refining of animation elements in the Chinese national culture, will play in the dissemination of results on the effect of the space. In the face of thousands of years of Chinese local accumulation of huge art Kui Bao, we should also see its refining and mining animation elements is extremely impressive. And the imperative need to actively explore Chinese culture, while in constant pursuit of new technologies, new economic focus part focused on the the national humanities, the essence and heritage. For example, the traditional Chinese opera, martial arts, Chinese ink painting, folk paper-cut, shadow play, puppetry, ceramics, etc., which will be the source of refined animation elements, vivid Chinese folk legends, customs, these have long been marked with the Chinese symbol material or spiritual language. Because of the rich cultural heritage of Chinese culture, both in the visible material culture can experience the spirit level, bears the Intangible Cultural often deep in people over the years intentionally or unintentionally heritage, so good at using these spiritual and cultural elements in the film and television ads, on the one hand, people resonate psychologically, is also a continuation of the essence of Chinese culture. The wheel of history continues rolling forward, global economic integration has become increasingly formed, but for the national culture, but on the contrary, because of modern social and cultural development in an era of personalized. How to get to break the convention, looking for a new creative angle, explore animation elements suitable for modern people to appreciate the standard, then the heritage and promote national culture will be imperative, Television advertising is positioned as a combination of an economic and cultural industries development and use of the national culture, to establish the new cultural environment of the traditional and the modern blend. Standing on the perspective of the nation, heart to close it, understand it, and not to abandon it biased the values ??of the new era. Deeper understanding of the process of continuous research, Nationality and culture of the Chinese nation, as a generation of young people if we can not carry forward its cultural value, it will exacerbate it sight may be forgotten. Refined in the past Chinese animation elements, there are always some people think it is past can not be re-boarded the big stage of the modern screen, holds a different understanding of the views of this kind of traditional Chinese culture obviously has some limitations. Judging from the current situation, the people who hold this concept of a minority, which reflect the urgency of the revival of national culture. In fact, as early as the 1960s, has been one to carry forward the national culture trend, the traditional elements of folklore, such as is used in film and television, cartoons, but because of the imperfections of the market, advanced technology and multimedia development, and did not get largely of innovation. So, this time to explore the local Chinese culture nourished by and applied to a more realistic animation elements refining. Animation elements in the actual operation of the market, reflecting not just artistic image of the section of the film and television advertising, while its more viewers to accept there will be a steady stream of derivative products, the development and utilization of, and therefore create more has Nationalization of the atmosphere, more meaningful animation elements, not just limited to the the animation producers or film and television production, but the entire future of the nation one of the cultural undertakings. And constantly create new extension, worked out a scientific and rational process model is more suitable for the operation of the market mechanism. Since we believe that only the nation, is the world's national character and the world co-exist. Then injected into the Chinese elements to the film and television ads, and the formation of a new era of national style anime elements drawn from the treasure house of folk art tradition and modern languages ??to be interpreted in the Chinese animation elements, which will also sing Nationalization one of the ways.

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