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Research of China Nuclear Safety Regulation System

Author SunZhongHai
Tutor ZhangShiJun
School Shandong University
Course Legal
Keywords nuclear safety nuclear safety culture Law of Atomic Energy RegulationSystem
CLC D922.69
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of global economy, not only the developed countries but also the developing countries, especially our country, are faced with more and more serious energy problems. All countries have made more use of nuclear energy. As an environmentally friendly energy, the nuclear energy has high utilization efficiency, does less pollution to the environment and can meet the sustainable socio-economic development needs. Science is a double-edged sword, also bringing the safe utilization of the nuclear energy. The Fukushima accident in Japan has exacerbated the public panic on nuclear energy. It serves as a reminder that we must guarantee the safe utilization of nuclear energy in China. The improvement of nuclear safety regulatory regime is imminent.The nuclear energy has safety problems such as radioactive contamination during the utilization process. The security is increasing with the development of science. Nuclear safety regulation has an important role in the protection of the safe utilization of nuclear energy. With the continuous development of China’s social and economic, the nuclear safety competent institutions and departments change constantly. The nuclear safety regulation implements the policy of "Focus on Prevention, Safety First", sets up complete nuclear safety regulation system and pays attention to the international cooperation in the field of nuclear safety. The super-ministry reform carried out by the State Council in2008is a watershed in the development of nuclear energy executives and regulatory regime. The trend of development is that the regulation function tends to profession. The National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environmental Protection bear the related functions, providing adequate protection for the safe use of nuclear energy in China. In this paper, the historical and comparison methods have been used to analyze the China and foreign nuclear safety regulation system, providing relevance and feasibility. The nuclear safety regulation systems of America, France and Japan are more mature than China, especially the regulatory regime change in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident.The scale of the use of nuclear energy in China is growing, making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of our country, but regulatory issues have become increasingly prominent. The regulatory body lacks the independence, authority, and expertise, the functions are in disorder, the Atomic Energy legislation and nuclear safety culture are absent for a long time. Our country should learn from the developed countries, combine the national conditions, rationalize the regulatory functions, establish more independent, authoritative, professional nuclear safety regulatory body, separate the National Nuclear Security Administration from the environmental parts, set up a new nuclear safety regulatory body, formulate the Atomic Energy legislation as soon as possible and strengthen the nuclear safety culture construction.

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