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Loves Society the Exorcism Dance Cultural Characteristic and the Development Initially Searches

Author MiAng
Tutor WangLiRong
School Shanxi University
Course Dance school
Keywords The love community Nuo dance The Art Features Cultural significance
CLC J722.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Shanxi Shouyang the Exorcise love social \This ancient ritual dance is a form of exorcism dance, borrow worship people dancing out hunting when the beliefs of the ancient times, our ancestors, such as belief in God, the worship of the forces of nature, has been worship, people confuse the spirits said the performance of a nation's wind, retain the ancient ghost beliefs and ritual Exorcise important information. Quite a long time, the people of Shouyang, Yuxian spirits festival very hot pet, and it attaches great importance to. Subsequently, due to the development of the opera and its impact the evolution of forms, Chi opera form form of bamboo circus, which is still being circulated. Firstly, starting from the the Nuo definition, origin and classification, in turn, the Nuo culture and its development in-depth study, and then again on the the love community Exorcise background environment and its artistic features are discussed, and finally the development of the love community Nuo dance conduct feasibility studies and Prospects. After Exorcise research study, we learned that such activities play a very good positive impact on our dance, to promote the development of dance. And we Exorcise actual inspection and its form of dance cultural anthropology in China to investigate the source of the actual situation, and good people in human development, especially dance achievements impact. Of Shouyang District fieldwork, we research the origin of Exorcise ceremony to form in the entire history of the integrity of the investigation and analysis, and finishing Exorcise independent culture, and the classification of the actual spread and its layout. We study the physical sort, and we get the real material, data collation and written literature, and folk customs, history and culture of its phenomenon parsing, seen through the entire Nuo culture as a widely respected cultural background reasons, more so that we understand the deep Confucian primitive and mysterious ghosts cultural formation, Buddhism, and Taoism of several major cultural essence and deconstruction folklore beliefs of our country in order to ward off evil good wishes. We have successfully studied successfully spread this culture are related to many doctrines, such as the symbolic anthropology, parse source core ecological theory and dance. This study is based on our analysis, and display of China's Nuo dance culture dance cultural value, and it is the presence of practical significance. Our entire line of research is ancient perspective - look at the moment Exorcise the ancient retention situation and people's attitudes change, so as to establish a multi-level, in-depth study of the development process, and to explore its nature sources, Nuo culture, systematic research shows that people love the Exorcise contained custom humanistic significance. This purpose, we have in-depth study the Shanxi folk dance culture.

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