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Author ZhangJinCao
Tutor MaoJuan
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords Glottis Moderate flu Concert and teaching Respiratory status Vocalization
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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\, glottis and moderate sense \The important part of the whole singing movement sound system is state of the larynx, pharynx, and glottis. Which the glottal state's good or bad directly affect other departments singing movement, Western singing so far experienced a time of about 400 years of development in the 19th century, when the prestigious vocal educator, theorist Gal West Asia (sub) singing the glottis state has done a detailed study glottis state theoretical basis for future generations, he proposed \The Western singing experience in China a hundred years of development, not pay enough attention in the the glottal state in this process, to some extent affect our cognitive level. The face of this situation, from a historical perspective, not only described the background and origins of the glottis and moderate sense \a vocal concert \Combination of the Shen Xiang teachers make for the \The door is closed to form the appropriate ratio. Under the proper proportion, the sound can have a pure pitch, overtones of rich and full, bright and pastel tones. Different songs, different emotions, different pitch corresponds to a different state of the glottis, which means that we have to a dynamic view of the glottis moderate sense, singing glottis feeling so modest when: 1 in the glottal on looking for gas not to look awkward, feeling gas and sound mix. 2, throat no excess awkward pitch is pure and bright overtones. We can also check on their sound from several aspects such as the hands, such as: whether the throat and chin around relaxation, the tone is beautiful, the sound is smooth. The most important feature of this paper is a scientific and comprehensive research, the use of singing-related physiological knowledge, not only delve into the theoretical substance of the \I hope that this research can provide new solutions to the Vocal Music Teaching and contradictions.

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