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Russian and Chinese language and cultural characteristics advertising Comparative Study

Author LiYinPing
Tutor CongYaPing
School Shandong University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Advertising Language Features Cultural characteristics Comparative study
CLC H152
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of market economy, the most popular mass media advertising as a means of communication has become an integral part of social life. Language in the ad creation is the most important, is the most important factor. Advertising as an integral part of society and culture, by the influence of national culture is very large. Analysis of advertising language study and cultural characteristics of advertising for a deeper understanding of the phenomenon, more to create good advertising works, has a very important significance. Advertising linguistic research in Russia has gone through nearly half a century of history, with the recent Russian commercialization process and promote the advertising industry has been booming development, advertising linguistic research also gained unprecedented upgrades. In China, for advertising linguistics research is mainly in the reform and opening up, with the rapid economic development has been unprecedented attention. Chinese and Russian scholars from psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, discourse linguistics, cultural linguistics different perspective, trying to reveal the nature and characteristics of the advertisement. In recent years, Sino-Russian economic relations have become closer, but overall sales of Chinese products in Russia do not enter their mainstream channels, the Russian people's understanding of Chinese products still remain in the low-priced and low-quality level. Russian market has great potential for the full development of this market, Chinese enterprises should learn from the West's approach and take the brand line. Establish a brand advertising as the most direct and effective means and should be fully utilized. The reality of the research: advertising as very important in contemporary society communicative language, is very characteristic linguistic research object, through the advertising language research, you can deepen the linguistic content of the study. By comparing the characteristics of Russian and Chinese advertising text, you can better understand the Chinese and Russian culture. In addition, the Russian language and culture of the Han advertising research, advertising can be better achieved in today's society and cross-cultural communication functions. Academic Innovation: Russian advertising mainly in the form of language, its linguistic research has emerged, but its taken with the Chinese way of comparison advertising language study, but also very rare, these ways, allowing us to Russia advertising language have a deeper understanding. Meanwhile, advertising as a comprehensive art, its language also carries sociology, psychology, cultural studies, and many other content, this article will be reflected through the advertisements of Russian and Chinese national and cultural characteristics of the comparative study, and strive to reveal the Russian nation cultural similarities and differences, is conducive to deepening Russia Han advertising creative comprehensive understanding of the law. Value lies topics: Russia, as China's important trading partners, there is a strong economic complementarity, to create a line with the Russian people to accept advertising habits is the reality of Chinese enterprises raised requirements, through comparative study Russian and Chinese Advertising Language characteristics as well as Russian and Chinese national culture differences and similarities between the two countries, Chinese enterprises can guide the design of advertising and outreach, improve the ability to develop the Russian market and level. Object of this paper is the Russian and Chinese advertising texts, including newspapers and periodicals published in the advertising, outdoor advertising, radio, television and advertising on the network. Total use of 342 examples. Structure: This article consists of an introduction, four chapters, conclusions and references and other components. The first part of the paper focuses on the theoretical basis of the research, including advertising definition, classification, and in the role of modern society, as well as advertising in the history of the development of China and Russia. The second part of the main types of advertising Han Russia were analyzed, focusing on newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads and outdoor advertising and other eight major advantages and disadvantages of ad types were analyzed for enterprises to choose different types of advertising laid foundation. The third part of the Russian language in Chinese advertising pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, rhetorical aspects of the commonalities and differences were compared, analyzed the Russian and Chinese languages ??in speech means of advertising are used homophonic and reduplicated means, pointed out the Russian and Chinese Advertising in the use of different means of overlapping sounds and tones unique Chinese phenomenon; in the vocabulary of Russian and Chinese languages ??are widely used advertising affirmative meaning of the adjective table, abbreviations, polysemous words, foreign words, while there are new office word phenomenon; more use of advertising in Russian comparative and superlative performance products to highlight the advantages of Chinese advertising Parts of Speech and the phenomenon is relatively common. In order to highlight the effect of advertising, Russian and Chinese advertising commonly used declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and abbreviations sentence; advertising in Russian Imperatives for use is mostly in the form of an imperative, and Chinese often use \\The fourth part of the Russian advertising reflected the Han ethnic cultural characteristics were analyzed. In the epilogue for this study are summarized.

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