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An Analysis of Pragmatic Fuzziness in College English Language Teaching from the Perspective of Adaptation Theory

Author ChenDan
Tutor SiLianHe
School Nanjing Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Pragmatic Fuzziness Linguistic Adaptation Theory College English Language Teaching
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ever since the foundation of L. A. Zadeh’s Fuzzy Set Theory in 1965. people’s understanding about the concept "fuzziness" has become clearer and more attention has been shifted to the study of the newly-developing discipline:Fuzzy Linguistics. Back in the domestic academic circles, it is Prof. Wu Tieping who first began to study language fuzziness systematically in the 1970s, though many of his studies were done from the perspective of semantics. Relatively speaking, this paper conducts a careful analysis on fuzziness in language use from the pragmatic point of view. And in virtue of Yu Dongming’s definition. Pragmatic Fuzziness here specifies "the indefinite, fuzzy or indirect expressions the utterer uses in a particular context in order to convey certain illocutionary acts or produce several illocutionary forces simultaneously to the interpreter(s)." Obviously in any verbal interactions there is no shortage of such pragmatic fuzziness phenomenon, and the process of College English Language Teaching that this thesis targets at is no exception. To be specific, this research provides a tentative study on pragmatic fuzziness phenomenon existing in the whole process of College English Language Teaching from the perspective of Verschueren’s Linguistic Adaptation Theory, the focus of which will be placed on the causes and formation system of Pragmatic Fuzziness in addition to the pragmatic strategies and functions of Pragmatic Fuzziness. On such a basis, several pedagogical implications will be put forward on how to improve the quality of college English teaching.On the whole, the present research on Pragmatic Fuzziness in College English Language Teaching under the framework of Linguistic Adaptation Theory proves to be both theoretically and practically significant. Theoretically the research method in which the causes and formation system of Pragmatic Fuzziness are interpreted by Linguistic Adaptation Theory is feasible; practically, the analysis on Pragmatic Fuzziness turns out to be helpful in the aspects of improving the teaching quality of teachers and cultivating the pragmatic competence of students.

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