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Research on Strengthen Punishment of the Crime of Corruption

Author SunTianZhu
Tutor LiuZhongWei
School Shandong University
Course Legal
Keywords Crime of Corruptione The Amount of Graft The Procuratorial Reform The Procuratorial System of Vertical Management
CLC D924.392
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Corruption is common in the world, its hurt public property ownership and infringement of their integrity. In China, the spread of corruption, corrodes the state body and people’s soul, corrupts party and social values, but also seriously disturb the order of social economy and the normal economic environment, hinders the national political, economic system reform, to some extent, weakened the authority of Party and government and credibility, a direct threat to China’s Socialist People’s democratic dictatorship foundation, become the problem of China’s construction of spiritual civilization and the construction of harmonious society is the great and real problem, the state must give sufficient attention to the problem of corruption, the application of law to severely punish corruption crime.According to our current law, the crime of corruption behavior against is the main body of procuratorial organs. The author first introduced at present our country procuratorial organ investigating corruption cases of corruption, namely amount gradually become the procuratoriai organs especially branch of basic level of corruption crime whether cases against the main basis, and from the criminal law provisions with respect to the guide role, the higher authorities set up assessment standards guiding role, the case-handling organs attached to the structure of level three aspects of the formation of the reasons for this situation, and it is due to the occurrence of this one problem, resulted in partial masses to the procuratorial organ to implement, investigating and reporting a smaller amount of corruption crime is faced with local resistance, internal examination system so that the prosecution on the investigation to the subtle clues on issues such as whether ambivalence generation. Aiming at these problems, the author in the comparison and reference of past dynasties of China and contemporary part area, country and the crime of corruption and the relevant provisions on the basis of successful experience, on how to increase China’s procuratorial organs on the crime of corruption and to put forward three proposals:one is to cancel the criminal law in our country on the amount of starting to limit corruption. Two is the reform of procuratorial organs internal check and supervision mechanism. The realization of the three national procuratorial organs vertical management. Hope that through these three aspects of the reform and the innovation, can improve the work efficiency of the procuratorial organ, decrease case and resistance in the process, achieve the state of corruption of the high strength uninterrupted combat situation, forming honest society, maintain social harmony and stability.

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