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Other Interests in the Study of Crime of Fraud

Author XuJing
Tutor LiFengMei
School Shenyang Normal
Course Legal
Keywords Crime of fraud The property The goods Other interests
CLC D924.35
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Taking "Evading High Tolls Case" in henan as the breakthrough point,onwhether the property interests as the object of crime of fraud crime series of researchare discussed. By comparing other interests of countries outside of criminal law, thenational criminal legislation status quo can be concluded that, while countrieslegislation mode are different, but essentially all belong to the category of crime offraud crime object recognition property interests, with punish of crime of fraud ofdiddle property interests of the behavior. Through the connotation and denotation toproperty interests, to comprehensive consideration and other legal relations, that otherinterests should be included in the crime of fraud crime object, at the same timeshould be how the property interests into laws make necessary limit.First of all, through a simple comb tolls for case the basic case, brief mention onthe case of dispute, which is summarized in this paper, summing up the two casedispute focal point, it is the case involves the nature of "tolls" why, how to define;Second is whether this case involved "tolls" as the object of crime of fraud crime.Secondly, from the perspective of legal theory analyze the tolls for case disputefocal point. Through to the property interests of connotation and denotation carding,clear the content, property, property interests and property is analyzed on the internalrelation and distinction between, clear property interests and the common property toproperty as the concept, both in the parallel relationship rather than contain andcontained relationship; Respectively from the theory and judicial practice needs toprove that the property interests as the object of crime of fraud crime, and the value ofthe property interests as crime of fraud crime object to make the necessary limits, andother interests make special for some special form of analysis.Finally, Think should be the case as a crime of fraud; Evasion in the case of tollsproperties belong to the property interests, the interests of the property as the object ofcrime of fraud crime.

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