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Research of the Space Compounding of the Exhibition and Convention Building

Author LiQiang
Tutor MeiHongYuan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords The Exhibition and Convention Building Space compound Integration Order
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Exhibition industry have the enormous drawing function to a city economy. But the exhibition and convention building is the material base and the guarantee of the economical development. Multiplies day by day along with display, the building in the day already evolves into the high recombine, the integrated complex three-dimensional system. Under the economical globalization time background, The building of our country have had the construction achievement to impel economy. The construction of the building in our country has the new reques and has the very tremendous influence upon the use effect and the economic efficiency.This thesis begins with the developing conditions and creative research of the exhibition and convention building in our country. It revealings the construction existence pattern to be unitary and layout and scale unreasonable and so on questions. And it summarizes that the construction face the multiplication and ordering direction developing and proposes the urgency and the vital significance of the design research. The research of the space compounding of the exhibition and convention building is the optimized conformity design of its space systems constituent. And the overall scale and the function unit disposition is two primary factors. Under the different compound pattern it performances for the leading, the fusion and the seepage function unit combination relations. After the thorough explanation, this article launchs the elaboration furtherly in the face of the design idea and the technique. The promotion of the design idea is helpful in the design creation to the high level and the rationalization direction. The article draws in system design method and establishes the space systems concept of the exhibition and convention building. Three design idea of compatible, the integrity and the open integrates into the design. Simultaneously the introduction of the construction plan controducing the compound scale, the content and the pattern control makes basis for carries on the next step design and instructs on the next step architectural design. In the design technique face basising on the relative relations and own characteristic of the building, in the face of the spatial combination of the building and the overall image discuss the concrete design methods.The paper uses research methods from the city as partial to the whole and from space to the shape. From present situation question obtaining, it analysises space characteristic and summaries design strategy.And In elaborating principle of design and inducting design methods, it unifies the method using the fundamental research and the example analysis and developes and penetrates the article connotation. This article, through the study and the research of the overseas advanced design idea and the design practice, inspects and reconsiders our country construction in the use present situation.It summarizes and proposes reasonable design methods, anticipating the building to be the rational construction and the benign development.

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