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Art and Design Vocational Studies Curriculum

Author QuSuiLing
Tutor LinDongGui
School Guangzhou University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Higher vocational education Art design speciality courses Professional course Course Structure
CLC G712.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This research in guangdong province five vocational colleges art design speciality curriculum as research object, the analysis vocational art design speciality curriculum present situation, the discussion restrict vocational art design speciality curriculum some main factors optimize vocational art design speciality curriculum strategy.The letter divides into five parts.The first part mainly introduces the research background, the research purpose, significance and methods.The second part of existing literature review is basic comb. Of the existing research results showed that higher vocational education through foreign art design continuous exploration and development, we have more mature professional courses system, in the curriculum for reference, have a lot of places. Domestic higher vocational art design speciality curriculum system construction in this respect is relatively slow, are still in exploration stage. In the curriculum objectives, curriculum design, curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation although has obtained certain research achievements, but also needs to be further discussed.The third part mainly in higher vocational art design speciality courses on the current situation of analysis, this paper has a problem. Through to the guangdong five vocational colleges of art and design professional curriculum case analysis. Show that higher vocational art design professional curriculum from two major types can be grasped, the first kind in guangdong lingnan institute of technology of profession as a representative of, its curriculum type is diversified oriented, pays attention to the cultivation of comprehensive ability as the core content of professional curriculum mode. The second kind of vocational technical college in shunde represented by skills of applied as the guidance, pays attention to the cultivation of professional talents as the core abilities of curriculum mode. Two types of professional curriculum all have strengths and weaknesses. The common problems of the curriculum is:the lack of scientific theoretical guidance; Curriculum goal wasn’t sure; The content of the course and choose the unreasonable. The fourth part mainly discusses impact vocational art design speciality curriculum factors. Can be divided into three aspects, the first social factors, including social and economic factors, the social informatization factors. The second is the school factors, including the special functions and disciplines disciplines the education function. The third is the student factors, including students’comprehensive quality strong and professional quality development.The fifth part order to explore optimize vocational art design speciality curriculum strategy. The author thinks, optimize vocational art design speciality curriculum must emphasize:first, research and social development for art design professional talented person’s demand; Second, clear art design professional training target; Third, adjust the structure of art and design professional course; Fourth, integrated art design speciality course content; Fifth, the effective implementation for the curriculum to provide the necessary security.Finally, because I have only limited ability to the study, study still exist in the many defects, such as on the analysis of the factors that influence the curriculum of problems deeply, owe less scrupulous, need this in the next to further efforts.

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