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On Implementation of the Criminal Policy of Tempering Justice with Mercy in Personal Sentence

Author GuoChangChun
Tutor DengXiangRui
School Hunan University
Course Legal
Keywords Tempering Justice with mercy The implementation of prison sentence Criminal Policy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Justice with Mercy of the party and the country as a whole for the current crime situation and the established and long-standing criminal policy The aim is to crack down on serious crime, lenient penalties for crime in general, to wider economic strict, in order to achieve the purpose of preventing and reducing crime, promoting social harmony and stability, which runs through the criminal legislation, judicial and other aspects of the execution of punishment. Article execution of punishment is put into effect the established penalties, punishment and education reform criminals, so crime reduction and prevention policy objective can be achieved. JUSTICE policies improve the punishment and crime prevention measures system, establish a scientific, rational and humane execution concepts and methods, and the penalty execution is to achieve the criminal policy objectives important way, the execution effect of the criminal policy of the science, the correct and effectiveness of inspection and measurement. JUSTICE policy would be on the prison sentence execution played an important role in guiding the same time, because the prison layout is unreasonable, prison management concepts and methods behind, backward legislation and law enforcement circles led to the penalty correction feature is not full, and other factors the temper justice with mercy execution of criminal policy in the prisons in depth implementation. Solve the above problem, the key is to introduce advanced concepts of execution, such as education, punishment, punishment Modesty, scientific execution, execution of the concept of community; improve the layout and internal structure of the prison setting, reform of the prison management, detailed classification of prisoners, implementation of management classification and at the event until the implementation of open-graded at the event; modified penalty correction system, decentralization of commutation and parole jurisdiction, improve the commutation process, expanding the application of parole, to improve commutation and parole efficiency, etc., in order to achieve distinction, leaving room different. Deeper subjective vicious prison on serious criminal offenders in strict control, and in the commutation and parole on the strict control of the subjective malignant small, less serious juvenile offenders, first offenders Oufan disability and loss of ability to commit crimes guilty, guilty in the Department met from the old song, as far as possible for parole, commutation of sentence. Therefore, by improving the prison system execution in order to enrich the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, so that the prison sentence of criminal policies and the implementation of complementary and together to achieve the purpose of reducing and preventing crime.

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