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Practice of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Function Words

Author PengZuo
Tutor QianYuLian
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Empty word Teaching Methods The new HSK four exams Function words with Function words function Contrast function words
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Function word in the entire foreign language teaching plays an important role in teaching, but for foreign language learners and teachers, function words have always been important difficulties in learning and teaching. This article will teaching theory, teaching practice and teaching applications combine to form word of teaching practice as the main object of study for the new integrated curriculum and teaching function words HSK four exams to make a preliminary exploration, we want to help advance the teaching function words . According to analysis, the following conclusions: (1) the initial stage of the learner to master the 272 and 166 function words function words grammar points, intermediate stage must grasp the 140 function words and 46 grammar points, to master the advanced stage of function words and 50 107 a grammar items. (2) function word meaning and usage instruction to follow the principle of combining the use of the principles of Context and mix and match. (3) translation method only applies to foreign language teaching function words beginning learners of Chinese as raising the level of utilization of the Act should be reduced. Comparative law applies to all stages of the teaching function words, Chinese and foreign comparative studies focused on contrastive, should strengthen comparative study with other languages. Because personality traits function words, function words direct method in teaching limitations bigger. Contextual Method in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign frequent use of function words, but the context is set higher requirements for teachers. (4) the selection of function words teaching methods of teaching experience with teachers and teaching style related, but also combines the content to make choices. (5) The new HSK four exam requires students to be mastered 74 function words, which accounted for 85% of adverbs and conjunctions, adverbs and conjunctions thus teaching is all about. (6) The new HSK test CET on function words mainly in reading the second part of the first 56-65 questions. According to statistics, this 10 sort title and function words, more than half related. (7) The new HSK four exam questions in addition to examining the sort of Chinese learners' ability logical order, but also detect learners mastery of function words, especially the mix of function words and function words function. (8) The new HSK four test samples with volumes about the sort function words inscribed with five questions, indicating that teacher should function words with special attention to this part, it is best to carry out special training to explain. (9) The new HSK test sample volume four sorting problem is also related to examine the function of function words, a relatively small proportion, but teachers can not ignore this part of the teaching, to go through exercises to promote learners master function words function. (10) The new HSK vocabulary outline four exams required 74 function words there are many near-defined function words, according to statistics, can be synonyms or function words contrast with 12 pairs, morphologically similar meaning there are 11 pairs of different contrast . Thus the HSK exam four empty words when comparing teaching counseling is necessary. (11) By contrast English function words, we can see that the function word in English meaning and usage than the Chinese in the complex. Simple translation may cause native produce bias. Thus there is a need to strengthen inter-comparison study language.

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