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The Research on the Lexicalization of Non-phrase Structure in Chinese

Author HuZuo
Tutor LiuShun
School Nanjing Forestry University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords cross-layer structure syntactic structure lexicalization
CLC H146
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The words from the lexicalization of non-phrase structure is some words which are not follow the rules of phrase structure in modern Chinese. Lexicalization is a process that a word from a lexical unit to a word. The main content of the lexicalization of non-phrase Structure research is the process. The words which from the lexicalization of non-phrase structure has two types, one is which from two different levels, we call it "the cross-layer structure", another is from syntactic structure. We call it "syntactic structure". In recent years, the research on the lexicalization of non-phrase structure is at the stage of development and receiving more attentions in the current linguistics of the world with domestic scholars.But the extent and depth of the research is limited. From this reason, this paper do some research on the process of the lexicalization of non-phrase structure.Firstly, we put the cross-layer structure into another six types, the lexicalization of preposition, the lexicalization of conjunctions, the lexicalization of auxiliary word, the lexicalization of adverb, the lexicalization of verb, and the lexicalization of noun. We put the type that words are from syntactic structure into five types, the lexicalization of "auxiliary word +X", the lexicalization of "X+ran(然)”,the lexicalization of "X+verb", the lexicalization of "suo(所)+X", the lexicalization of "non-+X".Secondly, choosing some representative words of these types, and having an analysis of these words from synchronic part and diachronic part in texts archivers about modern Chinese and ancient Chinese from the corpus of Center of Chinese Linguistics PKU.Thirdly, some conclusion which are based on these analysis are achieved. The characteristic of lexicalization:the lexicalization of a word and the grammaticalization are in the same process. Words have a process of delexicalization from content word, and the result of grammaticalization is a function word. The formation mechanism of the lexicalization of non-phrase Structure are:the cognitive linguistics theory; the analogy theory; the rhythmics theory; the pragmatics theory and the semantic theory.

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