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The construction of community - a case study of Chongqing economic and Technological Development Zone as an example of the longevity of learning under the background knowledge city

Author WangJunXia
Tutor WangZhiZhang
School Southwestern University
Course Sociology
Keywords urban transformation knowledge city learning communities
CLC C912.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The learning community is a branch of learning organization, Peter-Senge is the first person who put forward this theory. Through old practice and exploration, this theory has become increasingly mature both in practice and theoretically. Overall, the learning organization theory is still a newborn in international and domestic. China has suggested building a learning society, but this idea really been applied to the practice still few in the several years. Therefore, the development of this idea in our country, not only to perfect in theoretically, but also to accumulate experience in practice. The study of learning organization mainly in three perspectives of pedagogy, psychology, sociology so far, lack of the background of interdisciplinary.For the definition of this concept, most of them from the perspective of continuous learning, lifelong learning,the direct purpose of learning community is culturing creativity, innovation. Hoverer, the purpose of learning community is to keep up with the development of the times. Only through constating knowledge can always stands at times front row.How to structure a learning society is a difficult problem for our government. Only to popularize the concept of lifelong learning in social development can our members not be entirely abandoned. Try to avoid been sifted out of our society, Learning organization need to sustainable development.Knowledge city emerged as the times require, emphasizing the use of knowledge, the transformation of knowledge, the sharing and innovation of knowledge.Knowledge city is a comprehensive city which is the new idea in the21st century. It emphasizing the innovation based on knowledge, the innovation to boost urban development. Knowledge City means education city, network city, technology city, culture city, green city, ecological city, intelligence city,digital city, that is a city of harmonious,art, technology and the humanities. Knowledge City is a model of the city in the future, sets a good example to the current urban transformation. China is in a rapid transition period of economic and social development. There is a lot of urban disease. Knowledge City is the best answer to the urban disease. These urban disease also have been appeared in western countries, after constantly explore, the Western developed countries finally worked out a way not only can adapt to the knowledge economy, but also perfect to show the city style which is knowledge city.Foreign countries provided the experience that draw lessons from urban transformation field of our country.Starting from the background of knowledge city, combined with the learning organization theory, the author is trying to explore a way for learning organization as the basis for the development of knowledge-city.By combing the knowledge city and learning community, the author sort out the inter-relate between knowledge city and learning organization, build the positive role of learning communities in the knowledge city.This paper analyzes several successful urban transformation cities,the path to knowledge city is different, but they boil down to creativity and learning. Creating and learning is the soul of the learning organization. Therefore, these urban transformation experiences of building learning organization also have certain significance.The author selected Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is a newly established National Economic and Technological Development Zone, as an example, a detailed analysis of the necessity of learning community in the era of knowledge economy,At the same time, the paper points out the inadequacies of Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone in the park of building a learning community,and the elementary path of becoming a learning community.

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