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The Analysis of the Social Work Intervention in Rural Empty-nest Elderly

Author NiuChenGe
Tutor BianShu
School Liaoning University
Course Social Work
Keywords Rural Empty-nest family Empty nest old man Pension casework
CLC C913.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China is not a "state religion", professional social work is at the preliminary stage ofdevelopment, we are facing is how to diversification under the background of Aspopulation aging degree unceasing enhancement, our country increasingly elderlypopulation growth trend, the endowment problem increasingly prominent, has becomethe focus of the society today. In the context of the aging of the population, with thecoming of social transition, the weakening of family function, the quickening ofindustrialization and urbanization process, a large number of rural labor force poured intothe cities and towns in young adults, further promoted the emergence of rural empty-nestfamilies and increased year by year.: according to the results of the fifth populationcensus in China has more than65and15.6164million elderly empty-nest families,accounts for22.83%of the elderly households65years of age or older; Life in the oldpeople in empty nest family has2,3.3973million, accounting for26.51%of the elderlypopulation65years of age or older. Among them, the rural empty nest old man familyhas1,6.329million, accounting for69.79%of the empty nest old man. Empty nestfamilies, on the one hand reflected the progress of the society, but also exposed the plightof the rural elderly endowment, such as material life embarrassed, absence of life careand spiritual life, medical security level is low.At present, the research results in empty nest families, pay attention to more is theendowment of economic support, and less attention to the elderly spiritual supportproblem, at the same time, the study of urban empty nest old man relatively more thanthe study of rural empty nest old man. Because of this, this paper will consider thisproblem, by trying to jiaokou village of henan province empty-nesters pension situationof investigation and study, summed up the rural empty-nest elderly present situation andthe characteristic, found the main problems of rural empty nest old man endowment, andanalyze the causes of the problem. Then in the perspective of social work as thebreakthrough point to study, pay more attention to the spiritual life of the elderly, tryingto find the effective way to solve the problem, in order to help solve the rural empty nestold man endowment, at the same time, promote the development of professional social work in the field of pension and perfect, finally realize the goal of promoting thecoordinated development of social and economic stability.Empty-nesters pension problem is not just the individual family, but also has awider social and economic problems, is each national government to deal with nationalproblem. Especially, the rural empty-nest elderly should become the focus of the society,because the relationship between the rural old people happiness of life and theimprovement of the rural social security system, the relationship between the socialistnew rural construction process, relationship between the development of social harmonyand stability, its significance is very significant. The advent of the era of populationageing and its to the challenge brought by the traditional pension model, to pay attentionto and solve the problem of rural empty-nest elderly was already imminent.

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