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Research of Rural Female Workers to Cross-region Marriage

Author XiongXingXing
Tutor ZhangGuangJi
School Changchun University of
Course Sociology
Keywords Rural Female workers Cross-region Marriage
CLC C913.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, the rural female workers to cross-region marriage appear sadly within the scope of our country. This kind of marriage mode is the inevitable outcome of the reform and opening in China, which reflects the law of the rural population migration and marriage change at present in our country. Overall, the mainstream is healthy, because it reflects the development and progress of the society.But undeniable, there are some problems caused by distance, regional and cultural differences, which bring a challenge to the cross-region marriage of rural female workers. If handled improperly, these problems may cause the marriage "variables" and crisis, even lead marriage to collapse.The survey found that only6.3%rural female workers feel very satisfied with their cross-region marriage,14.6%rural female workers feel more satisfied with their cross-region marriage,21.9%rural female workers feel general satisfied with their cross-region marriage,44.8%rural female workers feel more dissatisfied with their cross-region marriage,and12.5%rural female workers feel very dissatisfied with their cross-region marriage. As a whole, the participants marital satisfaction are low. However,"the second phase of the Chinese women’s social status sampling survey" implemented by the women’s federation and the national bureau of statistics shows that93.2%urban and rural women feel more and general satisfied with their marriage. The cross-region marriage of rural female workers is based on the flowing men and women in different areas, and the influence factors on the quality of the marriage is more complex and changeable. So it is likely that their marriage quality will be faced with more challenges. There are these main factors of influence about marital satisfaction:the length of the time of association before marriage, the trust from husband, worrying about the situation for family finances, adjustment situation after marriage, her husband’s help, the communication situation after marriage, her husband if there is violence, the husband and wife character compatibility degree and so on. Because the satisfaction of the rural female workers to cross-region marriage is low, we take further interviews and research, discovering that more conflicts and frictions due to the distant from the cultural differences, easy to feel helpless for the rural female who lose the relatives of care and support, the doubt of her husband and family, a little life circle for them on account of the natives’rejection and isolated, disrespect of their wives.The reason for these problems are:the conflict of difference because of distant, lack of understanding before marriage, be in a weak position because of the isolated position in the family and lack of support from the original home the lack of communication and exchange between Border-crossing husband and wife, and the husband doesn’t know how to do "two-side glue" role.This paper put forward several proposals for reference. Firstly, we should improve the rural female workers’ ability to adapt; Secondly, relatives and neighborhood should help the rural female workers actively; Thirdly, the husband should enhance the support and trust to his wife; Last but not the least, cross-regional between husband and wife should strengthen the communication.

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