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The Significance, Content and Way of Citizen Quality Education

Author WenZuo
Tutor LiuWenXia
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Education and management of
Keywords Education of citizen quality Significance Contents Way
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The citizens quality education improve the quality of citizens as afundamental purpose of the educated to the full and harmoniousdevelopment of education. As a big developing country, the overall qualityof our citizens will directly affect China’s economic development and socialprogress, and thus the the citizens quality education increasingly attractedour attention.China’s political, economic, and cultural aspects of the developmentand enhancement of the urgent need to carry out citizens’ quality educationand conducive to promoting China’s socialist modernization; social climateconducive to the formation of democracy, equality, civilization; help topromote the modernization and comprehensive development of the people.This article first defines the concept of citizen, citizenship, civic qualitieseducation expounded the significance of the civic quality education as thebasis for the content and means.From civic awareness and civic knowledge, civic capacity, this articlespecifically discusses the content of the citizens’ quality education.Consciousness is the guide to determine a person’s thinking and behavior,and therefore, the citizens of the state and national consciousness, awarenessof rights and responsibilities, awareness of equality and justice, freedom andthe rule of law awareness, morality and civilization consciousnessawareness is an integral part of the quality education of citizens content.Civic knowledge is the basis of the quality of citizens from four politicalknowledge, legal knowledge, moral knowledge and cultural knowledgeexpounded its specific content. Civic capacity is important to reflect thequality of citizens and the ability of social cognitive skills, socialadaptability, social skills and social ability to participate citizen is an important aspect of civic quality education.Achieve the civic quality education needs to be a certain way. In thispaper, the way to achieve quality education of citizens from the three levelsof the family, school and society. Specifically, starting from the family level,to carry out the civic consciousness of elementary education, the creation ofa good family atmosphere as well as play the words and deeds of the role ofparents is a citizen quality of basic education; school level, to build a systemof the citizens quality education courses, and to carry out civic practiceactivities, and encourage students to participate in school and classmanagement, the establishment of the faculty is the main way to achievequality education of citizens; From a social perspective, to play the leadingrole of the government, to strengthen publicity and guiding role of the massmedia, to optimize the overall environment and the establishment of citizens’quality education base is necessary to enhance citizens’ quality education.Only these three areas complement each other, mutual unity, citizens of thequality of education in order to achieve the intended purpose.Citizens’ quality education is a systematic project, requires the jointefforts of the whole society, you need the participation of variousdepartments.

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