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Study on Reduplication Patterns in Youyu of Shanxi Dialect

Author LinJing
Tutor QiaoQuanSheng
School Shanxi University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Reduplication word-building pronunciation grammar function semantic feature
CLC H172.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As an abstract grammatical means in Jin dialect,reduplication is used universally.This article describe and analyse the form of reduplication, grammatical functions and the characteristics synchronic in Youyu dialect from the right Angle of grammar.This paper is divided into six chapters.First of all,This artical introduces the Youyu dialect research history and the present research status, the traditional research mainly by describing speech primarily, but we from the perspective of grammar, to supplement the pure description speech inadequate. In addition to,we described the article research ideas, methods and research meaning briefly.Between the first chapter and the fifth chapter,we describe basically the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs of Youyu dialect reduplication, etc.Youyu dialect is mainly manifested in its constituent forms, phonetic features, grammatical functions and table righteousness features, etc.About composition, this paper lists the forms of common constitute type, and carries on the analyse examples. Phonetic features Youyu dialect itself even read relatively simple, therefore tone sandhi of fold the word is also simple, we briefly elaborated singled out to do. Grammar function, this paper has modified and whether the modified function, whether in the sentence as composition, what can act as a detailed discussion ingredients do, and lists the rich Youyu corpora evidence. Table righteousness characteristics, nouns Reduplication is mainly manifested in such points, small says nickname; Verbs Reduplication is mainly manifested in the amount of bad grade, colour significance, and so on; Adjectives Reduplication displays in a degree of change and colour meaning; Adverbs are mainly embodied in Reduplicationping also the difference degree; Quantifiers Reduplication displays in each, every table, part of a Reduplication Patterns classifier can watch. These tables are righteousness feature of righteousness Reduplication Patterns table Youyu dialect is distinctive features of place. Chapter sixth is about Youyu dialect of mandarin compared with Reduplicationping Reduplicationping mainly from Reduplication scope, nature and manner, Reduplicationping semantic function, Reduplicationping grammatical function three big aspects. Through the comparison with mandarin Reduplication Patterns, found that Reduplication Patterns Youyu dialect Reduplication Patterns characteristics different from mandarin. Reduplicationping forms are rich; With a "Ge", "no", etc Reduplication Patterns more; the affix Table righteousness characteristic to enrich the table Reduplication Patterns in Chinese putonghua righteousness characteristics, these are right Reduplication Patterns and mandarin Reduplication Patterns jade dialects are comparatively distinctive place.

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